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Eyeglasses Frame Shapes

by John Kane 25 Apr 2022 0 Comments

When you decide to buy a frame, the first thing to consider is the shape of the eyeglass frame. The precise choice of the shape of the eyeglass frame is very important. But remember that you don't need to blindly pursue the trend, the glasses frame that suits your face shape can make you look more beautiful. For this reason, we recommend choosing your frame shape based on your overall facial structure, as well as your taste.


Rectangle Glasses

Rectangular glasses are a classic shape that, in general, suits any face shape since they are not picky. Based on this, ANRRI EYEWEAR offers a large selection of rectangular eyeglass frames for men and women.


Oval Glasses

Oval glasses seem to have always been popular with the public, because no matter what occasions they wear, oval glasses seem to be able to perform their roles with ease and become a beautiful landscape. These oval frames are perfect for people with oblong, or triangular faces.



Round Glasses

In the impression, round glasses give people a very retro, very literary feeling. At the same time, round glasses can easily give the wearer a classic and stylish feel. At ANRRI, the round range is available in a variety of materials and colors and is best for people with square, rectangular or oval faces.


Square Glasses

Do you like simple and elegant glasses? Do you like plain and understated styles? You'll find "your name" in our collection of classic square frame glasses. Square glasses are best for people with round and oval faces, providing the angular shape needed to offset more rounded facial features.


Large Glasses

Because nowadays people pursue "being thin" and "being small". Therefore, large glasses are often the first choice, also known as oversized glasses. It has been trending over the years and has become a must-have for fashionistas.


Horn Glasses

Horn Glasses are also known as cat-eye frames and are easily identified by their horned appearance. The angular frame of the cat's eye is very feminine, subtly showing the soft side of women. Especially people with oval and rectangular faces.


Browline Glasses

The sleek 'browline' style has been preserved for eternity. The slightly retro styling effortlessly has a pop and trendy vibe. Effortlessly unleashes a retro aesthetic exclusive to the '50s and '60s. The Browline range is best for people with longer faces.


Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses are one of the iconic styles in the world right now. The Aviator Classic is a timeless style that combines undefeated aviator styling with outstanding quality, performance, and comfort. The Aviator fits almost any face shape and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to make a strong statement with a frame.


Geometric Glasses

If you want a wild eyewear shape, check out the Geometry collection. Geometric glasses break with tradition and subtly incorporate fashionable new elements to achieve a truly unique personality charm. This popular style is striking and edgy.


Small Glasses

Even if it has nothing to do with the size of the face and head, the small-format glasses are the new star. Whether rectangular, round, geometric, or cat-eye, for small glasses, everything can be incorporated into the style.


Medium Glasses

Stay on track and try not to go wrong. If neither the small nor the large size is right for you, then, if you are smart, please select "medium glasses" and you will get the most choices.


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