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About Glasses Measurements

by SharonSwift 20 Mar 2021 0 Comments
About Glasses Measurements

There are many styles of glasses. Therefore, it is very important to understand the suitable glasses and the unsuitable glasses. Wearing the wrong size glasses is like wearing inappropriate clothes, making people feel uncomfortable. If the glasses are too big, your head will look like a peas. If it is too small, your glasses will affect your blood circulation...

Many times, when people choose a frame, most people only consider whether the style is satisfactory, but this is actually incorrect. If you are not short-sighted and wear a pair of flat-light anti-blue mirrors, then there is definitely no problem. It's both fashionable and resistant to radiation, so why not do it. But if it's optical glasses, the optical center distance of the two lenses should match the patient’s interpupillary distance. Otherwise, even if the degree is correct, there will be discomfort after wearing glasses. In severe cases, it may cause visual fatigue or affect eyesight. Simply put, wearing spectacles that do not fit your frame may damage your eyesight.

When you shop online, even if you have a virtual try-on, there is still the risk of choosing the wrong glasses size. The best way is to accurately understand the numbers on the glasses frame to ensure the best size for your unique face.

We know that finding a perfect pair of frames is very troublesome. This is why we have summarized the numbers in the frame to help you correctly understand whether your glasses are suitable, so that you can continue to buy glasses that suit you and avoid all possible painful social rejection.

This is how to do it:

If you already have a suitable pair of glasses, you just need to take out your glasses and find a set of three numbers on the inside of one of the temples.


Eyeglasses Measurement #1: Lens width

This eyeglasses measurement is to check the widest horizontal point on each individual lens. This number represents the width of a single lens lens, or it can be said that the width of a single lens frame. If you have a small face, you must choose a narrower frame style. It is best to control it to 51mm or less. Assuming our face is slightly larger, or like a larger and wider frame, then you can take a closer look at 52mm or larger.


Eyeglasses Measurement #2: Bridge width

This eyeglasses measurement is the width of the bridge of the nose. It represents the shortest distance between the two lens rings, and is often referred to as the width of the nose (nose pads) of glasses. The bridge of the nose is an important key to connecting the two frames. Choosing the correct size of the bridge of the nose can make the glasses fit your face better. Determine this factor to avoid common problems such as the nose is too small, the glasses are easy to slip, or the nose is too big, and the glasses are not suitable.


Eyeglasses Measurement #3: Temple length

This eyeglasses measurement is the length of the temples. It should be noted that this length is calculated by straightening the temples. If viewed from the side of the face, it is the fixed distance from the lens to the ear plus the ear hook plus the end of the temples. Your first measurement starts with the hinges of the glasses-they are connected to the frame-just beginning to bend. The second measurement is from the top of the bend to the bottom tip. Add the measurements of these two glasses to get the total length of the temple arm. The bending position happens to be the best on the ears. Also note that the lens eye distance (the distance between the eyeball and the inner surface of the lens) also needs to be just right.


When buying glasses, choosing a style of +/- 3mm will not make much difference. Keep this in mind when shopping online.

It is important to follow some relative rules to ensure that the frame you choose is comfortable and likable. And here are some additional tips from ANRRI to find the most complementary eyeglass shape and size for your facial shape:


  • The top of the frame should not be higher than the eyebrows.Try to be at or below the eyebrows.
  • Even when smiling, the bottom of the frame should not be attached to the cheek
  • The frame should not be wider than your face.
  • Generally speaking, it is best to choose glasses that fit your face size. Choosing too big glasses may be more comfortable and relaxing, but it will make your face look flat. Choose too small, you can imagine the discomfort will accompany you all day.

Now you already know enough about the secrets on the glasses frame. You have become an expert in eyewear measurement, check out some of the best-selling products of ANRRI Eyewear here.

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