Collection: Browline Glasses

Sturdy brow glasses create the perfect retro-modern fusion for any occasion. Browline glasses are also one of the most iconic retro designs at the moment. Inspired by 50s and 60s fashion, this enduring style spans decades and is now more popular than ever. They fit almost any age group, gender, or face shape.

Browline Glasses
  • Gizeh $17
  • Nairi $13
  • Carter $17
  • Dakota $23
  • Nicolas $13
  • Genevieve $17
  • Brian $13
  • Bellamy $23
  • Jasiah $23
  • Anaya $23
  • Alicia $23
  • Fernando $23
  • Addison $17
  • Jimmy $23
  • Tomas $26
  • Amos $23
  • Quinton $26
  • Alvin $23
  • Brock $26
  • Khari $23
  • Ricky $23
  • Louisa $23
  • Rex $23
  • Kaden $26

Browline glasses color

Classic options for Browline are black or tortoise. Inspired by 50s and 60s fashion, this enduring style spans decades and is now more popular than ever. Browline is also available in more adventurous shades like light-toned glasses, instantly transforming the style into a personal touch.

Shape of Browline glasses

As Browline is so beloved, you'll find ANRRI has a range of different eyebrow glasses for men and women. It conveys a retro feel to people while also giving people a more modern feel. Whether it is used for fashion matching or business work, Browline can be very good in any place.

Browline Eyewear Materials

Metal and acetate are our two main materials for eyebrow glasses. Metal is a strong and reliable material for this style, while acetate strikes a balance between durability and comfort.

How to Choose Browline Glasses

From an aesthetic point of view, the factors that need to be considered in choosing a suitable pair of eyeglass frames include gender, age, occupation and the matching of clothing. An important aspect is to consider the fit of the glasses to the face shape. When choosing glasses, the frame should be at the same level as your eyebrows, so customers who choose eyebrow frames should not have too thick eyebrows, otherwise they will form abrupt double eyebrows.

From the point of view of degrees, the eyebrow frames are divided into half-frame and full-frame, which are suitable for the needs of people of various degrees. People with higher degrees can choose ultra-thin lenses and acetate materials to be more beautiful.