Collection: Blue Light Glasses

Modern screens emit blue light - an invisible threat to eyes and sleep. Our eyewear blocks 100% of this visual blue light, protecting eyes without sacrificing lens quality or style.

Simply put, we've got you covered with blue-light filtering eyewear designed for all-day wear. Choose from screen-friendly frames to sleek sleeping masks. Discover stylish protection so you can focus on what’s important–your screens and beyond.

Blue Light Glasses

How do blue light glasses work?

Blue light glasses work by incorporating filters into each lens. These filters absorb or reflect the range of light wavelengths that are perceived as blue by our eyes. This creates a barrier or shield that blocks harmful rays from reaching the retinas, protecting the eyes.

Are blue light glasses safe for eyes?

Blue light glasses are safe and do not damage the eyes. They work by filtering out harmful blue light wavelengths, which can help reduce eye fatigue and improve vision comfort. The only effect on the eyes is to reduce the strain caused by blue light, making it easier to view screens for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Is it advisable to wear blue light glasses for an entire day?

It is safe to wear blue light glasses all day. While monitors may be the primary source of blue light in our modern lifestyle, blue light is emitted by all light sources, including LEDs. Therefore, wearing blue light blocking glasses throughout the day can effectively filter out harmful blue light wavelengths from any light source, further protecting your eyes.

Can blue light glasses prevent eyestrain?

Digital screens bombard eyes with blue light, glaring troubles for vision. This high-frequency emission overworks ocular functions, causing prolonged fatigue. Yet specialized lenses selectively filter out visual-band blue light while retaining color balance. By blocking just the fatiguing blue wavelengths, these glasses defend eyes during extended screen exposure.

Whether gaming, working, or streaming for hours nonstop, the eyestrain accumulates without intervention. That’s why those living digitally need blue light blocking lenses specifically designed to prevent visual drain. At the day’s end, strained squinting should not accompany immersive entertainment or productive work. With the right eyewear guarding against blue light’s harsh beam, screens can captivate without compromising the eyes that see them.