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Eyeglasses Frame Styles

by John Kane 25 Apr 2022 0 Comments


Fashion Eyeglasses

Today, everyone has no longer regarded glasses as a tool for myopia but listed them in the list of fashion accessories. Your glasses frame says as much about your style as your clothes. ANRRI EYEWEAR offers frames in a variety of shapes and colors, incorporating the latest fashion trends, so you can easily find the perfect on-trend glasses.


Lightweight Frames

Regardless, any of your glasses should be comfortable and elegant. Lightweight frames effectively reduce wearer stress and enhance comfort. You might even forget you're wearing them! But they are very durable and safer to wear. That's why lightweight eyeglass frames are always popular.


Geek Chic

Geek Chic has been officially regarded as a fashion trend keyword by the fashion circle. Black frame glasses can become the trend vane anytime and anywhere! Geek is cool, whether you like square, rectangle or round, you can find a frame that suits you and helps you achieve Geek Chic at ANRRI EYEWEAR.


Large Glasses

It's a great feeling to find a frame that fits perfectly. Why does everyone love to wear large-frame glasses now? Because of fashion, because of personality, because of small face! If you need glasses that are a little bigger, at ANRRI EYEWEAR these large frames are just what you need.


Glasses for Small Faces

Both men and women with smaller or narrower faces need small glasses or narrow frames. If you wear frames that don't fit your face shape or that look obtrusive, you'll look like you're wearing someone else's glasses. Find the perfect frame for you in this collection of eyeglasses for small faces.


Cool Glasses

Who would refuse a cool feel? Who doesn't want to look cool? If you're looking to enhance your cool, a pair of trendy glasses is all you need. Be the coolest girl/boy and become the most beautiful self.


Wide Face Glasses

Designed to maximize comfort and style, our wide-frame glasses are ideal for people with wider facial features, such as high cheekbones and round or square shapes. The wide nose bridge and dark temples will break the straight line of the wide face.


Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Horn-Rimmed Glasses originated in the 1950s and were designed to magnify and elongate the wearer's eyes. Bold styling and timeless style. Nothing expresses elegance and sophistication more directly than a stylish pair of corner-rimmed glasses. Need a look that will wow on any occasion? Our Horn-Rimmed eyewear collection remains the same.


Thick glasses

Thick glasses, although they look "heavy", tend to be both quality and functionality. Not only do they show off bold style, but these great frames offer a sturdy fit for long-lasting style and everyday wear. At ANRRI EYEWEAR, any style of thick glasses series can be regarded as a fashion trend.

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