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Here at ANRRI, we believe that your eyes are one of your most precious organs and taking the very best care of them is essential. In today’s increasingly technology-driven world, our lifestyles and careers mean we’re spending more and more time looking at screens. This means more eyestrain, more headaches and worse sleep. We’re here to fix all that.


We began our business in 2014 with a clear aim of making screen time more comfortable for everyone. We’ve been where you are – working long hours in front of a computer screen that leaves us with tired eyes, headaches, bad sleep and sometimes even blurred vision. Talking to our friends and colleagues made us realize we weren’t alone – in this electronic age, digital eyestrain is everywhere.

We know there’s nothing we can do to change the amount of time people spend on screens (you’re reading this online right now, right?), but we can prevent the associated problems. How? With premium quality, affordable and stylish blue light glasses that actually work.


Carefully designed and put to the test before hitting the market, our computer glasses are designed to check a lot of boxes:

  1. Comfort. Extremely lightweight, ANRRI blue light glasses can be worn by anyone, anywhere and for any lengths of time. Our glasses are so light and comfortable, our customers tell us they don’t even notice they’re wearing them.
  2. Style. We offer a huge selection of on-trend, stylish designs so that you can find something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. You won’t just protect your eyes; you’ll look good and feel confident doing it.
  3. Efficacy. Effectively reduce blue light from your computer screens and devices by up to 90%, immediately reducing digital eyestrain. This means you’ll reduce or even eliminate the side effects of eyestrain including headaches, dry eyes, tired eyes, blurred vision and even trouble sleeping.
Try ANRRI for yourself and see.