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how to tighten glasses

by SharonSwift 18 Jun 2021
how to tighten glasses

I believe many people will have this experience. After wearing glasses for a period of time, the frame will be deformed. The glasses are deformed due to improper removal and wearing methods. Or nose pressure, or glasses height. This is not only unsightly to wear, but also harmful to eyesight. Maybe you don't have time to go to the optician shop to ask the clerk to make adjustments, or you may not have time to recover in time. In fact, it is not difficult, you can adjust some simple deformations yourself. So, let us explore together from this blog.

There is a pair of glasses on the table

The steps of glasses adjustment are mainly divided into:

1. Inspection: This is mainly to check the wearing degree of the glasses frame, check the screws and lenses. The spectacle frame is welded by many small parts, so when choosing the quality of the spectacle frame, carefully observe whether the welding position of the spectacle frame is firm and beautiful.

2. Locking screws: Wearing glasses for a long time may cause the screws of the frame to loosen. At this time, you need to use a special screwdriver to tighten the screws. Note that the screws should not be tightened too tightly, otherwise it will cause inconvenience in use, and in severe cases, the temples will break. After the fastening is done, relax it appropriately, not too tight, otherwise it may cause inconvenience during use.

Repairing glasses with a screwdriver

3. Tilt angle: If this position needs to be adjusted, it means that the tilt angles on both sides of the temples are inconsistent. We need to use special glasses pliers to clamp and adjust. But try not to try this adjustment yourself, so as not to cause the frame to break.

4. Nose pads: The adjustment of the nose pads is very simple. The principle of nose drag adjustment is that the nose pads are in full contact with the bridge of the nose, and the distance between the lens and the eyes is 12m. If the distance is too large, we only need to gently break the root of the nose pad toward the side of the nose. On the contrary, if the distance between the nose pads is too small, use the adjusting pliers to clamp the root of the nose bracket and twist it outward.

5. The length of the temples: If the angle of the temples needs to be adjusted, it means that the inclination angles of the temples on both sides are inconsistent. If it is a metal frame, we need to prepare two pliers. A pair of pliers clamped the spectacle frame to make it immobile. Another pair of pliers is clamped in front of the hinge of the temple, and then adjusted. (Note: Before using the pliers, you need to find a piece of cloth to prevent damage to the glasses. At the same time, make sure that the hinge will not be affected during the adjustment process). If it is a plastic mirror frame, we need to heat the rearview mirror push rod with a heater. After heating and softening the temples, hold the mirror frame with one hand and the temples with the other hand, and twist in the direction that needs to be adjusted until it is adjusted to the most suitable angle.

6. Adjust the foot cover of the temple to make the curve of the foot cover fit the wearer's ears more closely. Heat treatment is necessary when necessary, especially in cold winters. If plastic foot covers are adjusted without heat treatment, they will break more easily.


Glasses too down

Sometimes, we see that many people’s glasses have slipped to the bottom of their noses, pushed up the glasses, and then slipped down again, especially in the case of sweating in the summer, then we encounter this situation How to adjust the frame?

For metal frames, first push the nose pads inward as much as possible, and press the nose pads with your thumbs to make them close to the sides of the nose. The end of the temple can be slightly adjusted inward and downward.

For the plate frame, soak the glasses in a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds, and carefully apply pressure inward and downward to the end of the temples to make the ears fit better.

The glasses are very pressing on the bridge of the nose

Sometimes, we feel that the glasses are very pressing on the bridge of the nose, and the nose pads are tightly stuck on the upper end of the bridge of the nose, which is very uncomfortable. Then if we encounter similar situations, we can adjust it according to the method shown in the following figure:

Metal frame: Use your thumb to unfold the nose pads until they fit comfortably.

Plate frame: Put the glasses into a bowl of warm water for 30-60 seconds, and carefully apply outward and upward pressure to the end of the temple to relax the back of the ear.

Glasses with one side high and the other low

This is the most common way of frame deformation. The main reason for this problem is the one-handed picking and wearing of the glasses. In fact, seemingly serious problems can be rectified by simple adjustments. The method is as follows:

If the left lens is high, adjust the right temple down a bit, and adjust it at the most flexible place, such as the hinge or the bend of the ear.

If the right lens is high, lower the left temple a bit, and adjust it at the most flexible place, such as the hinge or the bend of the ear.

One of the lenses of the glasses is closer to the eye

There is also a case where the frame is deformed when the lens on one side is closer to the eye. This problem is often caused by the different tightness of the two temples. The main reason is that it is related to drinking more glasses with one hand. This is also a remind the customer the reason for taking off the glasses with both hands every time. The adjustment method is as follows:

If your left lens is closer to the eye, adjust the left temple inward, or adjust the right temple outward.

If your right lens is closer to your eyes, adjust the right temple inward, or adjust the left temple outward.

The above is a common method to adjust the deformation of glasses. However, please remember one principle. For the frame, it must be soaked in hot water first. Do not soak the lens in hot water when soaking, try to adjust the soaking position. It can also be adjusted after heating with a hair dryer. If one adjustment is not in place, it can be adjusted multiple times. Remember not to use too much force. After reading this article, I believe that you must have some tips for repairing glasses.

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