Collection: Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses are considered to be one of the first popular glasses to be designed. One of the styles worn by aviators in the early 20th century.

Aviator glasses become the perfect solution to protect a pilot's eyes from bad weather, help avoid headaches and fights. By the 1970s, aviators had proclaimed themselves the ultimate fashion accessory for many cultural icons, but by now they were largely known to be unisex. Aviator glasses began to grace the runways and red carpets, becoming synonymous with the upper class.

Aviator Glasses
  • Avery $17
  • Maverick $17
  • Tetra $17
  • Savannah $17
  • Deacon $23
  • Cassius $26
  • Brynlee $16
  • Zymirah $17
  • Tucker $10
  • Vanessa $23
  • Abigail $17
  • August $17
  • Genesis $13
  • Curtis $23
  • Devon $23
  • Sylas $23
  • Cassandra $23
  • Mariam $23
  • Saint $26
  • Boone $26
  • Samson $26
  • Gloria $23
  • Jaime $26
  • Kylan $13
  • Baker $23
  • Rowen $26
  • Kannon $23
  • Otto $29
  • Aylin $23
  • Kalani $16
  • Palmer $26
  • Malik $19
  • Rafael $23
  • Walter $23
  • Zane $23
  • Jorge $16
  • Emilio $23
  • Marcus $16
  • Skylar $17
  • Heather $17
  • Chico $13

3 Reasons to Consider Aviators as Your Prescription Glasses

Today's Trend

If you consider aviators as only sunglasses, you're mistaken since aviator prescription eyeglasses are becoming increasingly popular. Their enormous shape and wireframes are ideal for showcasing prominent features.

Most facial shapes are addressed

Aviators look great on people with various types of facial shapes. Although they are large and striking, the narrow frame design allows them to be entirely adjustable, which you will appreciate.

It will never go out of style

Aviator glasses are a must-have if you want to stand out from the crowd. This eyeglasses or sunglasses frame style may give a bit of flair and refinement to any look. When you put this frame on, visions of fighter pilots soaring through the skies come to mind. After all, who doesn't want to be surrounded by that kind of energy?

Customize your Aviator Eyeglass Frame's Lenses

Prescription eyeglasses that darken in the sun

Why not get both if you're still undecided about whether you want tinted or clear aviator glasses? Transition lenses are available in our aviators, which brighten or darken depending on the intensity of ambient light. If you wish to include this feature, choose 'light responsive' during the checkout process for your eyeglasses.

Clear prescription lenses

All of our aviator glasses come with non-prescription lenses. It simply implies that you can surely enjoy this striking design even if you don't need to wear glasses, and you can just merely look to purchase it. When checking out prescription-free aviator frames, you can select 'non-prescription' lenses.

Coatings for your aviators' lenses

Do you spend most of your time outside? UV protection is an excellent choice for a lens coating. It is entirely invisible and effective in reducing the long-term harm caused by direct sunlight. You don't have to worry: all of ANRRI's lenses are UV protected. When picking your lens, an anti-reflective coating might be a good idea to minimize unpleasant reflections due to their enormous size. You are absolutely correct because all ANRRI lenses include an anti-reflective coating.

What is it about ANRRI Aviator Frames that makes them so excellent?

Our aviator eyeglasses are expertly handcrafted from high-quality, long-lasting metal. We always have a broad choice of modern and classic variations on this timeless design in-store, so why not try on some of them using the try-on tool to click the Try on Button?