Collection: Non-Prescription Glasses

Gone are the days when flat mirrors were considered unattractive. Many people wear flat glasses for fashion. As an accessory, as one of today's clothing.

Non-Prescription Glasses (also known as flat glasses) are available in a variety of designs, colors, and materials to add just the right touch to your style! Over-the-counter glasses (also known as fake or regular glasses) are glasses used as fashion icons or just to refresh yourself. These glasses are fun and stylish but don't require a prescription.

Non-Prescription Glasses

absolute must for fashionistas

These days, an over-the-counter pair of glasses is an absolute must for fashionistas. So, why just get excited and not start trying? Once you've decided on stylish over-the-counter glasses, look no further than ANRRI EYEWEAR's thousands of styles. Our selection of stylish eyewear features all the latest trends so you can easily find the perfect frame.

add stunning color to your appearance

Over-the-counter fashion glasses can add stunning color to your appearance. If you are at work, you can wear them in the office for a more professional and sophisticated style. But are they just a fashion trend? These cute over-the-counter glasses help protect your eyes from harmful blue light as well as direct sunlight and glare. Our proprietary blue light filtering technology combined with anti-glare lenses keeps your eyes happy in today's screen-filled world.