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Eyeglasses Frame Materials

by John Kane 25 Apr 2022 0 Comments

The material of the eyeglass frame plays a vital role in the comfort and appearance of the frame. At ANRRI EYEWEAR, we offer nearly a thousand styles and a wide range of frame materials for you to choose from.



Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Plastic frames are mainly made of various types of plastic polymer materials. The composition of various polymer materials is different and will show different physical and chemical properties. Plastic frames are generally made of nylon or composite materials. The rich colors, textures, and styles are the main reasons why plastics become the frame materials. Also, the plastic frames are durable, impact-resistant, and friendly to athletic wearers. Plastic frames are suitable for people of all ages because they are light in weight and less prone to allergies.



Acetate Eyeglass Frames

The spectacle frame made of sheet material can be described as an enduring spectacle. Made of a high-tech memory board, it has excellent stability and firmness, and the new board is light and thin, not easy to fade and deform, durable, and has the characteristics of various colors and styles. It is a combination of trend and retro. A must-have fashion item that expresses your personality. There are not only high-gloss colored acetate frames but also beautifully engraved tangent and combined spectacle frames. Plate frame has become the mainstream of high-end frames. Third, the board is an environmentally friendly product, and the material will not be affected by human skin or sweat.



Metal Eyeglass Frames

Metal is a popular eyeglass frame material, especially for rimless and semi-rimless frame styles. From business to leisure, metal frames are suitable. The metal frame has a strong texture, good gloss, and a variety of colors, with a strong sense of fashion. In addition, its frame is also extremely resistant to deformation. In general, the metal frame not only ensures a certain firmness of the frame but also makes the frame have good flexibility and is very comfortable to wear.



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