Collection: Rectangle Glasses for Women and Men

Rectangular frames have been favored by eyeglass wearers for decades. Because they fit any face shape, their unisex design makes them friendly to both men and women. At the same time, rectangular frames are also suitable for any occasion, you can dress them up to fit your wardrobe and they will become an integral part of your everyday life.

Rectangle Glasses for Women and Men
  • Macon $13
  • Futura $13
  • Theroux $10
  • Reid $17
  • Hago $17
  • Hereford $17
  • Adam $17
  • Oswin $23
  • Levi $16
  • Barnett $17
  • Hayes $26
  • Brooklyn $19
  • Sophia $13
  • Trent $13
  • Izaiah $19
  • Finnegan $23
  • Alejandro $26
  • Myles $13
  • Kaiden $13
  • Damla $17
  • Lyuba $17
  • Ingemar $23
  • Morgan $17
  • Lawson $23

Are rectangular glasses the main trend?

Rectangular glasses are a classic versatile shape, so rectangular glasses are almost the first choice for many people. With clean lines, understated and refined, this frame remains formal while still maintaining a stylish look.

What kind of face shape can you wear rectangular glasses?

Everyone looks great with rectangular frame glasses, especially those with oval, round, or heart-shaped faces, which provide them with just the right balance. A rectangular frame with rounded corners softens the lines of the face.

What material are rectangular glasses made of?

Our rectangular glasses come in a variety of materials. There's acetate, there's TR90, there's metal, and there's plastic. Of course, each material has its own unique style and design. We give our customers affordable prices while maintaining quality.