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Eyeglasses Frame Types

by John Kane 21 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Full-Rimmed Frames

Full-frame glasses are currently the most widely used and most common type, and are more "popular", that is, no matter what kind of people wear full-frame glasses, it is appropriate. The characteristics of full-frame glasses are that they have the strongest structure, are the most durable, easy to shape, and for some lenses with higher thickness, they can easily achieve coordination and increase the aesthetic effect. In conclusion, full-frame frames are the best choice for most people.

Rimless Frames

Rimless glasses, as the name suggests, are frames without mirror rings. Rimless glasses usually only have three parts: the bridge of the nose, the temples, and the lens. At the same time, the bridges of the lens and the temples are fastened together by screws. Light texture, unique structure, and no pressure are the main features of the glasses. The main group of people who choose rimless eyeglass frames is those who prefer a minimalist look and prefer light and stress-free because rimless glasses always keep a low profile and do not occupy your face.


Semi-Rimless Frames

Semi-Rimless glasses frame, this kind of frame is also called nylon wire glasses frame. The lower part of the half-rim glasses is made of a nylon wire as the frame edge, and then it is embedded in the groove of the glasses after special processing technology, and finally forms a bottomless frame style. This spectacle frame is characterized by a lightweight frame, giving it a chic and lightweight feel. Combining the minimalism of a rimless frame with the durability of a full rim, half-rim frames are a rich classic.


Wire Frames

Wire-frame glasses are a novel structure of glasses, including frames, lenses, temples, and joints. The periphery of the lens is provided with a wire groove, and a frame formed by a plurality of frame wires clamps the lens at the wire groove and is connected to the side of the frame by a joint piece so that the lens is fixed on the frame wire. The wireframe is also minimal and lightweight, making it both comfortable and stylish. Usually, it is round.


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