Collection: Rimless Glasses

A rimless eyeglass frame is a special eyewear design in which the lenses are attached directly to the bridge of the nose and/or the side temples via a series of screws. Frameless, as the name implies, is that there is no frame around the edge of the lens. We offer men's rimless glasses and women's rimless glasses because they are not only stylish and functional but also better to show the face, eyes, and facial features.

Many people prefer this style because glasses with no frame design have a little appearance from a distance and are cleaner and crisper. Keep in mind, though, that rimless frames cost a bit more to install because they require stronger prescription lenses. They also don't hold up like fully rimmed eyeglass frames. If you're a gentle and attentive man with glasses and tend to wear them on your face all day, rimless frames are a great option.