Collection: Plastic frame glasses for women and men

At ANRRI EYEWEAR, our plastic eyeglass frames are made of high-quality plastic to ensure healthy vision and a stylish look. We offer stylish plastic eyeglass frames known for their lightweight, rich color, and durability. Plastic is one of the key materials in the eyewear industry. Find creative and unique colored plastic frames for your prescription or over-the-counter glasses. 

Plastic frame glasses for women and men

Why choose plastic frames?

Because plastic frames have the characteristics of light style and various colors, they are generally welcomed by teenagers and fashionable people. The rich colors, textures and styles are the main reasons why plastics become the frame materials.

The plastic material has high abrasion resistance, is not easy to fade, and will not cause allergies to the wearer's skin. It can produce a very beautiful appearance and is very popular among customers. Plastic frames are durable and impact-resistant, making them more suitable for sports wearers.