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ANRRI Eyewear Blog

How to Read Eyeglasses Prescription

Knowing how to read glasses prescription is essential! If, you just had an eye exam and your ophthalmologist gave you a prescription for glasses. He or she may mention that...

Sunglasses Buying Guide

After the cold winter passed, everything recovered. Spring brings us the first ray of new weather. In fact, we can get many benefits from sunlight, but sunlight can also bring...

Tips for Wearing Glasses with Masks

As COVID-19 still exists, students must always wear masks when going back to school. Also, it is necessary to wear a mask in public places or when you go out. At the same time,...

About Glasses Measurements

There are many styles of glasses. Therefore, it is very important to understand the suitable glasses and the unsuitable glasses. Wearing the wrong size glasses is like wearing inappropriate clothes,...

3 Easy Ways to Clean Blue Light Glasses

high-quality blue light glasses are an investment you want to take good care of so they last as long as possible. After all, they protect you from harmful blue light...

How Blue Light Affects Your Eyes

Do you sometimes find it hard to sleep at night? Chances are that blue light is affecting your body's biological clock and disrupting your sleep patterns. This is a reality...

Are blue light glasses worth it

There is no denying that most people use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones each day. As a result, a lot of those people will experience “digital eye strain” -...

Light sensitivity glasses

If you regularly feel the need to squint or close your eyes when subjected to sunlight or bright electrical lighting, it can have a hugely telling impact on your life.However,...

how to know if I need glasses

Aside from the obvious inability to see things clearly, how do you know if you need glasses? A large percentage of the adult population needs glasses for one reason or...


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