Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

Glasses For Heart Shaped Faces

There are more heart-shaped faces. But in fact, not all frames are suitable for heart-shaped faces. So often this becomes a big problem. But don't worry too much, this guide explores different styles of frames for both men and women and offers some helpful tips to help you choose the right frame for your heart-shaped face.

What is a heart-shaped face?

Traditionally, the top half of a heart-shaped face is wider than the bottom half. You'll have a sharp chin, a soft chin, and fuller cheeks. Your hairline may be slightly higher, which gives your face a heart-shaped appearance.

What glasses are suitable for a heart-shaped face?

Round, oval or aviator-shaped glasses are best for heart-shaped faces. Since the top of your face is widest and your cheeks are fuller, it's best to choose glasses with rounded corners that extend from your eyebrows to your cheeks to complement the facial contours.

What glasses are not suitable for a heart-shaped face?

Heart-shaped faces are usually top-heavy and have rounded cheeks. To keep your face from looking wider, avoid narrow, rectangular glasses with lenses that aren't very high. Glasses like these have a visual "widening" effect on your appearance.

5 signs of a heart-shaped face

Your forehead is wide.

Your cheeks are full.

Your jaw is soft.

Your chin is small and pointed.

Your hairline is wavy.

Remember that everyone's facial features are unique, so there is no single metric that will guarantee you a certain face shape. However, if you notice a few of these features on your face, you likely have a heart-shaped face.

Women's glasses for heart-shaped faces

Cat eye glasses

Cat eyeglasses are especially suitable for women with heart-shaped faces. The typical brow line that extends upward helps draw attention to your eyes and brows. Heart-shaped faces tend to have the widest forehead, so frames are perfect for balancing that shape.

A woman wearing cat-eye glasses

Wire frame glasses

If bulky acetate glasses are too heavy for you, why not try some sophisticated wire-frame glasses? Slim metal glasses like these will be a part of the fashion world for a long time. For your heart-shaped face, choose rounded rectangular frames with large lenses. Large wireframes will make your face appear smaller and your cheeks less full.

A woman wearing wire-frame glasses

Round glasses

For a retro look, look no further than a pair of round-frame glasses. Metal or acetate, round frame glasses are a timeless vintage style that can be worn by everyone. Since the lenses are the same width as they are tall, they visually "stretch" the appearance of your heart-shaped face, creating a lovely balanced look.

a woman wearing round glasses

Oval glasses

Oval glasses must be the best choice for women with heart-shaped faces. Simple and elegant, these glasses are perfect for a variety of occasions and occasions. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated work look or a casual weekend look.

a woman wearing oval glasses

Men's glasses for heart-shaped faces


Wayfarer glasses became popular in the 1950s thanks to their distinctive designs, simple shapes, and increasingly timeless appeal. They're a stylish choice for sunglasses and eyeglasses, and men's perfect for heart-shaped faces. The angular frame shape helps balance soft cheeks and broad foreheads. If you're looking for a classic that will never go out of style, look no further than Wayfarers.

A man wearing Wayfarer glasses

Rectangular frame

Rectangular frames are a great choice for men with heart-shaped faces, as they help to enlarge the shape of the face. Look for glasses whose height extends from the brow line to the lower cheek. The thickness of the frame is up to you, but rectangular frames look great when they're big, bold, and upbeat.

A man wearing rectangular frame glasses

Square frame

Although there are no hard and fast rules, what face shape must have the appropriate frame shape? But if you have a heart-shaped face, a square frame can go with it. Square frames can help balance the proportions of your face and also make your jaw appear more prominent.

a man wearing square glasses

Oval frame

If you have a heart-shaped face, I recommend buying glasses with oval frames. This shape helps soften the edges of the face for a more refined finish. The oval frame is also very versatile and can be matched with various clothing at will. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated or casual look, oval frames can help you create the perfect style.

a man wearing oval glasses

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