Glasses For Round Faces

Glasses For Round Faces

The best frame shape for you depends on your face shape. Wearing frames that complement your natural features can make you look more attractive. 

When looking for the perfect pair of glasses, round faced people usually face some additional challenges. These face types are often wider than other face types, so too small face types will look out of place on the face.

However, when choosing glasses, some tips can help you choose the right direction. This guide will help you determine the best glasses for a round face.

Is my face round?

It is worth noting that face shape determination is not an accurate science. Few people have the perfect "round", "square" or "oval" face shape. Most people have different facial elements.

The best way to determine the face shape is to know your own facial features and compare them with similar facial shapes. It usually depends on your chin, cheekbones or forehead.

The most obvious elements of a round face are:

Plump cheeks

The cheekbones are large and wide.

The chin is about the same width as the forehead

A round chin

The best frame shape for a round face

So, what shape of round face glasses is best for you? The glasses that best suit your face are those that complement your facial features and match your style. Bold, thick and angular full frame glasses are usually the best glasses for round faces, because they complement the facial features of round faced people. These frames contrast and balance with your softer, rounder features.

The following are the best sunglasses and frame shapes for round faces:

Rectangular and Square Frames

The rectangular frame helps increase the angle of the salient feature. Their shape and width can lengthen your face, making it look longer and thinner.

Like the rectangular frame, the square glasses add balance and angle to the soft features. They also help your face look longer and thinner.Round face woman wearing square glasses.

Cat's eye frame

Cat's eye glasses are a fashionable choice for women with round cheeks. The upturned frame protrudes near the temples and provides a pleasing "lifting" effect. This effect outlines your face and creates a beautiful retro or retro look.Round face woman wearing cat eye glasses.

Pilot frame

Aviator frames are a classic choice for eyewear or sunglasses. The popularity of this style is increasing. Traveler style frames are most suitable for round faces because their temples are long and their eyebrows are flat or slightly curved.

Oversized frame

Larger frames are often best suited for round faces. Because this will better cover the round face and block the wider cheekbones and cheeks. Become very thin visually.Round face woman wearing oversized glasses.

Geometric framework

Geometric frames come in a variety of sizes and styles. Hexagons and other unusual angular shapes can provide a stylish look in contrast to the soft roundness of your facial features. Here, it's all about adding extra lines and angles to enhance the amazing contrast between strong lines and delicate elements.Round face woman wearing geometric glasses.

Frames to avoid

Generally, round faced people tend to choose a frame that contrasts with their facial features. The following frame types have the opposite effect.

The following are the frames that round faced people usually avoid:

Small frame

Although the large frame increases the structure and length, the small frame exaggerates the width of the circular surface. Believe me, a small framework may not achieve the effect you want.

Round and oval frames

The round and oval frames can actually exaggerate the roundness of your features, rather than provide contrast and balance.

Please remember that this blog is just a suggested principle, just to help you make a choice. You just need to choose a pair of glasses that make you feel happy and comfortable.

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