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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Glasses for Round Faces

by SharonSwift 04 Jan 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Glasses for Round Faces

"The right pair of glasses can transform your look, adding a touch of sophistication and enhancing your natural features. For those with round faces, the search for the perfect frames can be a journey of discovery, where the right choice can elevate your style and boost your confidence."

Determining Your Face Shape

While determining your face shape is not an exact science, understanding your unique facial features can guide you towards the right choice. Round faces are typically characterized by full cheeks, a soft jawline, and a chin that is about the same width as the forehead, creating a harmonious and approachable look.

The Best Frame Shapes for a Round Face

When selecting glasses that complement your round face, aim for shapes that contrast and balance your softer features. Bold, thick, and angular frames are often the most flattering, as they add structure and create visual interest.

Rectangular and Square Frames

Opt for styles like Ray-Ban's Clubmaster or Oakley's Holbrook, which elongate the face and add definition to round features.

Round face woman wearing square glasses.

Cat's Eye Frame

Cat's eye frames offer a stylish and retro look, with an upturned frame that adds a pleasing lift to the eyes.

Round face woman wearing cat eye glasses.

Pilot Frame

The classic aviator style, with its flat or slightly curved brow line, is an excellent choice for round faces, as it adds angles and elongates the face.

Oversized Frame

Larger frames can visually slim a round face by covering more of the cheek area and balancing wider cheekbones.

Round face woman wearing oversized glasses.

Geometric Frame

Geometric shapes like hexagons provide a striking contrast to round features, adding lines and angles for a dynamic look.

Round face woman wearing geometric glasses.

Frames to Avoid

When selecting your frames, it's important to avoid styles that may emphasize the roundness of your face.

Small Frame Small frames can make the face appear wider, so opt for larger sizes that provide better balance.

Round and Oval Frames These shapes may exacerbate the roundness of your features, rather than offering the necessary contrast.


Ultimately, the best glasses for you are the ones that make you feel happy and comfortable. Use these guidelines as a starting point, and don't be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find the perfect pair that complements your unique features and personal style.

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