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Keeping Children's Eyes Healthy During The Holidays

by SharonSwift 10 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Keeping Children's Eyes Healthy During The Holidays

The holidays are here, and the kids have a long vacation. But for parents, this can be a headache. During the holidays, electronic devices such as computers, iPads, mobile phones, and digital devices are frequently used, which leads to their eyes not being able to take a complete vacation. Without the supervision of teachers and parents, usually after a holiday, most of the children's eyesight will be greatly reduced, and they agree to cause pseudo-myopia or temporary blurred vision. What can they do for their kids this summer to maintain healthy eyes and vision?

Here are my 6 quick and easy eye care tips:

1. Get out!

Did you know that studies show that sun exposure is one of the most important factors in preventing someone from becoming nearsighted? The researchers aren't entirely sure why, but they do know that spending two hours a day enjoying the outdoors can help reduce such risks. Myopia is not just about wearing glasses. It is a progressive eye disease that can lead to long-term eye complications such as retinal detachment and glaucoma.

2. Wear sunglasses/hat

Yes, even in the previous article, I told you to get out. But it's best to try it in the morning or evening when the UV rays are less intense. Because this time the light is just right. From an eye health standpoint, it's never too early for your child to start wearing sunglasses or a large-brimmed hat to protect their eyes. While our eyes absorb most of the sun's UV rays and prevent them from reaching the back of the eye, sunglasses are designed to protect the skin around our eyes, the eyelids, and the front structures that are more susceptible to UV rays.   

little girl in hat and glasses

3. Give the child a visual inspection

Vision is only a basic function of the eye, not the entire visual function of the eye. General optometry in optical shops only allows children to see more clearly but does not understand the child's visual function status, such as whether the eye position is normal. How is the collection and divergence function? Is there phoria, etc.? The development trend of vision conditions and the role of correcting children's visual function can be achieved by taking appropriate interventions.

little girl doing eye test

4. Change glasses in time

Children's eyes can't be worn for too long without changing. Teenagers are at the peak of their physical development. Has the child's interpupillary distance changed during a semester? Therefore, if the child's vision changes after examination, it is necessary to replace the glasses in time.

5. Reasonably plan the time to use electronic products such as mobile phones and computers

Many children have just left their children at home because their parents are busy with work. Therefore, computer and mobile games have become the main companions of the holiday. If this is the case, the children's eyes will be irreversibly damaged. The first is that it will cause severe visual fatigue and blue light damage, and the fatigue of children's middle and near vision will cause excessive collection, which will damage the eye's refractive system. In addition to using mobile phones or computers to study, the time for games and entertainment should not exceed 20 minutes, and the cumulative use time per day should not exceed 2 hours. After using electronic products such as mobile phones and computers for online classes and watching videos for 40 minutes, arrangements should be made. The child rests properly and lets the eyes relax for about 15 minutes.

happy family

6. Healthy eating and supplements are also a good way

Due to the superimposition of the Spring Festival effect during the winter vacation, both adults and children generally suffer from overuse of the eyes, so we should pay attention to eating more foods rich in anthocyanins, carotenoids, DHA, zinc, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E and other ingredients. food.

For example spinach, cauliflower, onion, corn, pumpkin, blueberry, red pomegranate, grape, eggplant, deep-sea fish, nuts, milk, beans, kelp, kiwi, lemon, grapefruit, carrot, boiled eggs, etc. Beneficial foods can be eaten in moderation.

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