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Why You Need Blue Light Coating?

by SharonSwift 22 Nov 2022 0 Comments
Why You Need Blue Light Coating?

Nowadays, electronic devices play a huge role in our lives. The application of electronic technology has enabled the development of communication networks and facilitated people's lives. Digital screens allow us to do everything and allow people to communicate anywhere and at any time. The use of the Internet has shortened the distance between people. And, when the time is right, they help us relax! Movie buffs, social media enthusiasts, and video game fans of all ages use digital screens to unwind. However, all types of digital screens emit a particular type of blue light that tires us out over time and damages our eyes.

woman working on computer

What is the function of blue light glasses coating?

Lenses with blue light glasses coating prevent blue light from entering your eyes. Ideal for screening workers with dry eye symptoms. Because blocking short-wave blue light can improve the tear film stability of dry eye patients, anti-blue light glasses can reduce the visual fatigue of screen workers.

How anti-blue light glasses work?

Anti-blue light glasses are mainly coated on the surface of the lens to reflect harmful blue light and to achieve the effect of protecting the eyes. Choosing the correct and suitable anti-blue light products can only block the damage of blue light. To avoid the damage of blue light to glasses, on the one hand, do not overuse electronic products. On the other hand, avoid strong light shining on the eyes.

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Blue light damage can cause the following 4 points:

1. Fatigue from looking at close objects

From TVs to mobile phones, we are getting closer and closer to the screen.

When we look at objects, the ciliary muscle will "focus" like a camera to see objects. The closer you look, the tighter the ciliary muscle becomes, which greatly increases the burden on the eyes. So when playing with mobile phones, we are particularly prone to fatigue.

2. Dry eyes

Under normal circumstances, we blink about 15 times a minute, but when watching TV or playing computer, because of information stimulation + light stimulation, the blinking frequency will drop to 1/3 of the original, which is about 5 times a minute. Unknowingly, many white-collar workers suffer from dry eye syndrome and live a life dependent on eye drops.

a tired lady

3. Blurred vision

Among visible light, blue light has the shortest wavelength, which is easy to form dispersion, and glare, and reduces visual quality. An experiment conducted by the China National Institute of Standardization pointed out that after shielding 15% of blue light, the visual fatigue of the subjects can be reduced by nearly 21%.

4. Disrupts the body's circadian rhythm

Researchers at Harvard University found that using electronic products with backlit displays for just 2 hours before going to bed can cause melatonin to be suppressed by 22%, which can lead to sleep problems such as "reduced sleep time and easy be interrupted". Even if they slept for the same amount of time, people who played with their mobile phones before bed were more sleep-deprived and lethargic than those who read a book before bed.

All in all, headache is a common daily symptom. We've all experienced it at some point in our lives. After hours of working at your computer, you stand up and take your eyes off your device. Everything around you becomes blurred, making it difficult to concentrate. This happens because of our prolonged exposure to blue light, which makes it harder for us to perceive other types of light. This can damage our long and short-term vision. So that's why we need blue light glasses coating.

woman looking at computer

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