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About Thick Glasses Lenses

by SharonSwift 07 Nov 2022
About Thick Glasses Lenses

You must have heard of beer bottle bottom glasses, right? These are synonymous with thick lens glasses, also known as strong prescription glasses. These clunky glasses feel heavy and make for an uncomfortable, unpleasant experience. But with the advent of technological advancements in eyewear, one can achieve the perfect vision of luxury. It's time to choose the most comfortable option for your eyes. High-refractive-index glasses offer sleeker, thinner lenses for perfect vision without compromising on wear.

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What are thick glasses?

In the past, thick glasses were a common way to improve vision. Typically, the stronger your prescription, the thicker your glasses will be. But now with advances in technology, you can get both thin and thick glasses on the same prescription. With the latest trends in high-refractive index glasses, you'll get attractive and comfortable glasses with the clearest vision possible.

Why are thick glass lenses so thick?

You must be wondering why some lenses are thick and some are thin. Prescription lenses for myopic patients are thicker at the edges and thinner in the middle. Visionaries do the opposite. A diopter is used to measure refractive errors in vision, and as the measurement increases, you get thicker lenses. It's a fact that the stronger your prescription, the thicker the glasses you get. And in some cases, people's lenses are so thick that they may even distort their appearance.

What are high refractive index glasses?

Manufactured with thinner edges and lighter weight, high-index lenses are a type of lens with a higher "refractive index" than regular lenses. This means they have a strong ability to bend light and provide clearer vision for people who wear stronger prescription glasses. As technology has advanced, high-index glasses have taken over the market, providing you with comfortable glasses. They feature aspherical designs, attractive profiles, and slimmer profiles. All in all, these glasses have the unique ability to bend more light efficiently, so they are thinner than traditional glasses.

Thick glasses and high refractive index glasses

The ratio of the speed of electromagnetic waves traveling in a vacuum to the speed of traveling in a medium is the refractive index of the medium. It is mainly used to describe the refractive power of the lens material to light. Simply put, the higher the index, the more light will enter and the thicker the glasses will be. High-index glasses are more efficient at bending light, so they are thinner than traditional glasses. Therefore, high-refractive index glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear on the nose. However, traditional beer bottle bottom glass is made of less refracting material and is heavier.

The refractive index of general resin is: 1.49, 1.56, 1.61, 1.64, 1.71, 1.74. The standard lenses have an index of 1.49, while the thinnest glasses have an index of 1.74.

It is recommended that people with myopia within -3.00D can choose lenses between 1.49~1.61; people with -3.00D~-6.00D myopia can choose lenses between 1.61~1.71; and those with myopia higher than -6.00D, then consider lenses with a refractive index of 1.74 or higher.

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Benefits of High Index Lenses:

The higher the refractive index, the same, and the thinner its lens will be. The advantage of it is that it is thin, the quality is light, the burden on the eyes is small, and it is beautiful. The higher the refractive index, the greater the clear field of view. Wearing glasses with a high refractive index allows you to see objects more clearly and is more comfortable for your eyes.

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