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Can I Get Prescription Lenses In My Sunglasses?

by SharonSwift 17 Aug 2021
Can I Get Prescription Lenses In My Sunglasses?

A perfect pair of sunglasses is really hard to find-so once you find them, you might want to wear them whenever you have the chance. Who won't? Sunglasses are not only the highlight of any outfit, but also the key to keeping your eyes safe and healthy.

However, according to statistics, the current development trend of electronic products is fierce, and the number of nearsighted people is increasing day by day. Therefore, finding and owning the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses can be more challenging. But at ANRRI, putting prescription lenses into sunglasses is a trivial matter. You will never squint at a prescription-free shade again! Seeing clearly and protecting your eyesight is the key to optimal eye health.

Someone holding glasses

Can I add prescription lenses to my sunglasses?

When you have found a pair of sunglasses for men or women that you like, but you need some prescription lenses to see better outside. So, you may be wondering, "Can I add prescription lenses to my sunglasses?" The answer is yes. We generally do it, and there is no requirement for the frame, as long as it is a separate lens and glasses, then it is inevitable. Either way, it is very important to ensure that if you wear sunglasses, your vision is still perfect.

Sunglasses inverted shot at sunset and sea

Are prescription sunglasses worth buying?

Those who are interested in buying prescription sunglasses may want to know whether they are worth buying. The answer is: yes, they are worth it. Obtaining prescription sunglasses can help you see better while protecting your eyes when exposed to the sun.

Prescription sunglasses provide you with the best sun protection, and their shades can prevent your eyes from getting tired when looking at things outdoors. They are even ideal for people who wear contact lenses because they can go out without contact lenses and still see things in the sun.

Sunglasses on the beach

Can any glasses become prescription sunglasses either?

First, find your favorite frame. We have hundreds of different kinds of styles to choose from. Any glasses style on our website can be special customized into sunglasses. After choosing the frame, it's time to choose the lens. Here, you can use special shades and coatings to customize your shades to match your lifestyle. If you like dark colors then choose gray lenses, if you like lighter ones, then brown will be more suitable for you. If you have a deeper need for lenses, for example, you need to spend a lot of time outdoors, then lenses with polarized light may be suitable for you.

Sunglasses lens
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