6 reasons why we need blue light glasses

6 reasons why we need blue light glasses

Do you know how many hours the typical person spends looking at screens every day?

Ten, That's right- Ten!

I’m sure you are thinking “there is no way I spend all that time staring on digital devices. But think about it- how many times do you sit to take a look at your phone, television, or computer in the course of your day?

Literally, you are looking at your screen at the moment…right? I’m not here to discourage the usage of technology. In fact, I’m here to sensitive people to embrace it. However, technology has its downsides. And in this case, the negative effect is brought by that screen time. It can be detrimental to your vision and overall body health.


How Does Screen Time Hurt Your Health?

Screens emit blue light, and while our bodies need a little amount of blue light to regulate sleep and wake cycles.

Overexposure to this light has the power to disrupt sleep cycles, strain your eyes, and eventually damage your vision.
But don’t worry as there is a solution, that is blue light glasses.

Blue light glasses decrease the amount of blue light reaching our eyes, thereby eliminating the negative effects it has on our vision and overall body health.
The effects of blue light may not hit immediately, you slowly begin to feel the strain after prolonged exposure.

Instead of waiting until the effects become noticeable, why not start wearing blue light glasses now?

Computer work in progress


Well, If You Fall In Any of These Categories, You Will Benefit From Blue Light Glasses:


1. You spend most of your time working on a computer, smartphone or other digital devices every day

Most of our activities rotate around digital devices.
In the morning you find yourself replying to emails and then in the midmorning.
you scroll through social media platforms to see what is going on around the world.
After work, you are in front of your TV catching up on that late-night Netflix show. Ultimately, the hours you spend in front of screens add up and begin to take a toll on you.
If this explanation suits you, then blue light glasses will help to protect your eyes and thus reduce eye strain.
Keep in mind that the damage caused by blue light doesn’t happen overnight- it is cumulative.
Therefore, the more time you get exposed to blue light without protection.
the higher the possibility of experiencing eye strains and vision damage.

2. You are beginning to experience symptoms of eye strains after looking at screens

Do you get headaches or blurred vision when you shift your eyes from your computer or your phone to another place?
These are signs of eye strains and are caused by dry eyes, eye fatigue, and redness. This is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).
Exposure to high levels of blue light makes your eyes work harder in order to cope with the High Energy Visible wavelengths (HEV wavelengths).
Since you might not have an opportunity to give your eyes a break, you need blue light glasses to help your eyes relax during screen time. This will help reduce symptoms of digital eye strain.

A woman wearing anti-blue glasses is working on a computer.

3. You find it hard to sleep after prolonged exposure to screens during the day

Experts advise on the need to turn off digital devices a few hours before retiring to bed.
This is because exposure to light at night suppresses melatonin, which leads to the disruption of circadian rhythms.
These rhythms serve as our internal clock guiding our sleep patterns and wake cycles.
When they are disrupted, you will find it hard to fall asleep or even get low quality sleep.
Lack of quality sleep can lead to health problems such as diabetes, fatigue, depression, and cardiovascular diseases.
However, any light at night can disrupt circadian rhythms but blue light exposure will have a double effect on it.
By wearing blue light glasses especially at night when catching up on that latest episode of Game of Thrones or scrolling your feed on your tablet.
you will keep blue light at bay thereby keeping your circadian rhythms normal.

4. You work at night

People working in front of screens after the sun sets such as night owls, college students.
Or night shift workers should wear blue light glasses to help their bodies regulate the production of melatonin.
Low melatonin levels have been linked to certain types of cancer, heart disease, and obesity.
These are worrying diseases that we all want to avoid.
Therefore, protect your eyes and body by using blue light glasses when working or studying at night.

5. You want to protect your eye health

Blue light is not only emitted by digital devices but also by the sun.
However, our eyes are not majorly affected by blue light from the sun.
But are affected by lights coming from digital devices.
This is because they were not designed to cope with the constant exposure of high-intensity blue light.
According to a report done by Nielson Total Audience, a typical person spends 11 hours in front of a screen every day!
Since blue light is penetrative over time, it weakens the eye's natural filters which leads to permanent and serious eye damage.
Exposure to blue light is also linked to macular degeneration, blindness, and also lead to the death of cone cell in the retina.
So, why wait until all these negative effects creep in whereas you can prevent the damage caused by blue light by wearing blue light glasses?
They will help your eyes stay healthy for a long time.

Using anti-blue glasses can effectively prevent blue light from harming the eyes.

6. You envy glasses

There are people who wish to wear glasses for style, and these blue light glasses can be a perfect fit.
They not only protect your eyes from harmful blue light but also provide maximum protection from UV light.
Therefore, your eyes will be protected as you go along with your outdoor activities.

So, you will look cool and protect your eyes too. This is a win-win situation.

In a nutshell, if you:

• Spend a lot of time in front of screens every day
• Experiencing symptoms of eye strains caused by prolonged exposure to light
• Are finding it hard to sleep
• Work or study at night
• Want to keep your eyes healthy
• Envy wearing glasses for style

…blue light glasses will definitely fit the bill.

Now that you have made the decision to buy blue light glasses, it is important to make sure that you get the best in the market.
One of the best sellers on amazon and effective blue light glasses is ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses.
Our glasses cut 90% of the blue light thereby helping you reduce vision damage and maintain eye health.
Make a wise decision to invest in a pair of ANRRI Blue Light Blocking glasses!

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