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What is Digital Eye Strain and 8 Useful Tips to Reduce It

by JohnKane 26 Nov 2020 0 Comments
What is Digital Eye Strain and 8 Useful Tips to Reduce It

Have you ever stared at your computer or smartphone so long that your vision starts to get blurred and your eyes feel dry tired, or itchy?

You may even experience pounding headaches from extended exposure to your digital devices.

These are a few of the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Otherwise known as computer vision syndrome, which affects people of all ages.

When you use digital devices such as tablets and phones, you expose yourself to harmful blue light.

The high-energy light just beyond ultraviolet light, which contributes to digital eye strain. We’ve all heard that it’s essential to digital eye strain.

A large percentage of Canadians and Americans experience symptoms of digital eye strain. Sadly, more and more children are experiencing digital eye strain as well.

While most people understand it is harmful to their health.

the question is, how can you minimize this problem when digital devices have become such an intricate part of our everyday lives. especially for those who need to be in front of their computer all day to make a living.

Well, the good news is there are many ways to combat this issue. We’ve compiled a list of eight simple things you can do to protect your eyes.Woman with digital eye fatigue


1. Look or step away from your screen and blink frequently

Taking a break from your screen, like grabbing a snack or doing physical exercise, is always a good idea. Closing your eyes for a few moments will allow them to relax as well.

We often do this without thinking.

but blinking frequently will also help give your eyes the rest they need.

Humans tend to blink less when they’re occupied with their devices.

so set a reminder, either in the form of a notification on your phone or a post-it note on your laptop, will help you be mindful of this.


2. Reduce or eliminate glare

Glare is a big contributor to eye strain so taking steps to reduce it will help cut its harmful effects.

Whether you’re at work, at home, or somewhere else.

you’re going to be exposed to a certain amount of light, natural or artificial.

If the lamp on your desk is too bright and causes glare on your computer screen.

putting a lampshade over it will reduce glare.

If your bedroom has a big window and a lot of sunlight floods the room in the morning.

Try installing curtains or window shading.


3. Adjust your screen’s height

Poor posture also worsens digital eye strain.

You can address this issue by adjusting your screen’s height so that the center is located around 10 to 15 degrees below your natural eye line.

Standing desks and computer stands will allow you to do this.

But if you don’t have those at your disposal, you can place your computer or laptop on a stack of books or boxes.


4. Keep your distance from your device

Whether you’re playing video games, browsing social media or watching the news.

it’s a good idea to stay as far away from the screen as possible as this minimizes your exposure to harmful blue light.Keep a certain distance from the screen.


5. Adjust your display settings

Turning down the brightness of your screen, adjusting the contrast of your device.

switching to night mode if you’re looking at a screen in the dark.


6. Check the air quality of your environment

If you’re in a space that has dry air and/or fans and heating and cooling system.

it may exacerbate any digital eye strain you’re experiencing.

If possible, install a humidifier in your home or workspace to add some moisture to the air or adjust the thermostat to reduce blowing air in the room.

Cigarette smoke can also worsen digital eye strain so if you’re a smoker, you’re better off smoking outside.


7. Use eye drops, otherwise known as artificial tears

Our eyes are sensitive and need constant lubrication to stay healthy and feel comfortable.

Some people’s eyes are more susceptible to dryness than others.

but staring at a screen for hours on end will put a strain on anyone’s eyes.

Use lubricating eye drops, (not the ones that just minimize redness) to address any dryness, itchiness, and irritation you’re experiencing.


8. Wear computer glasses

Whether you require prescription eyewear or not.

wearing specialized computer glasses will greatly reduce digital eye strain.

because they filter out most of the blue light that is emitted from your screen.

ANRRI’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a great option because not only do they filter out up to 90% of blue light,

they have an anti-reflective coating that eliminates glare to make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Luckily, digital eye strain is not a permanent vision issue and can easily be treated.

You’ll notice that after spending some time away from your screen, the digital eye strain disappears (until you start binging YouTube videos again).

If you want to be even more diligent in taking care of your eyes and overall health, make sure to follow the tips above, or, if the issue is serious or starts to become more serious, see your eye doctor immediately.Wear anti-blue glasses to ensure that your eyes are not harmed.

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