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6 Tips for Caring for Your Glasses

by SharonSwift 06 Dec 2022 0 Comments
6 Tips for Caring for Your Glasses

As glasses lovers, we attach great importance to the purchase of glasses. We spend a lot of time trying on eyeglass frames, finding the right shape and color, and getting the perfect pair that suits us best, right? Therefore, it is more meaningful for us to take care of glasses. And, proper eyeglass care is something you should not underestimate. Smudges, fingerprints, scratches, fogging... good habits can help you fight all of these and keep your glasses looking good for a long time. Here are 6 easy steps to help you maximize the life of your glasses.

1. Take off your glasses with both hands and place your glasses correctly.

Count it with me - how many times have you taken your glasses off with both hands? Well, this habit can be hard to get into, but using your hands will keep your temples firm and properly aligned. Once you get used to it, you can save yourself some time spent at an optometrist adjusting loose frames. Because picking it up with one hand will affect the fit of the temples. Also, when you want to push the glasses up your nose, don't push the nose pad with one finger at the same time. It puts pressure on the nose pads and weakens the entire frame. Using both hands again, move your gauge back to the correct position.

Finally, never place the lens face down, as this can scratch the lens. Always place them with the lens facing up or keep them taking off glasses with both hands

2. Don’t wear glasses on top of your head

"Where are my glasses!?" - Have you freaked out before realizing you've got them on top of your head? Well, you shouldn't do that. Not only can they fall off your head and get damaged easily, but the frame can lose both its shape and its sturdiness.woman with glasses on head

3. Properly store glasses when not wearing them

No one wears glasses 24 hours a day. So always keep your glasses case with you. When you take your glasses off, keep them in the case. This way you not only keep them free from dust or dirt, but also prevent them from being scratched, or even damaged.

4. Use the correct cleaning cloth to clean the glasses

Sometimes, when we are in a hurry, we tend to wipe our glasses with paper towels, napkins, or clothes. It's best not to do this, as they often have textured surfaces that can easily scratch the lenses. The same goes for clothing, unless it's 100% cotton, the fibers in the fabric can damage the lenses. If the fabric is dusty, it may also stick to your lenses.

When you buy new glasses, a cleaning cloth is usually included in the package as well. Don't underestimate the choice of cleaning materials. Do not use the above items to clean the lens.

5. Rinse - Clean

To keep your glasses in good condition, wash them at least once a day. This keeps your lenses clean and your eyes don't have to strain too much to see clearly. Rinse well with water before wiping or cleaning glasses. Because even the tiniest particle of dust or dirt has the potential to settle on the lens. Never use household cleaners such as soap or detergent as they can damage the coating on the lens.

Finally, let the glasses air dry naturally. This is the best solution to keep your lenses free from dust or dirt. Another (quicker) option is to grab your cloth (usually provided in the glasses case) and gently wipe the sides of the lens until it's clean.

Repeat this process every day. You'll keep your glasses in good condition and your eyes free from smudges and dust.

6. Say goodbye to fog

When you go to a coffee shop to drink hot coffee or when you eat hot food, you can't see anything. In addition, at this stage, COVID-19 still exists, and we still need to wear masks, so wearing glasses will cause the problem of glasses fogging. Because without a doubt one of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is their constant fogging up in cold weather. But what if we told you it could be done differently?

Anti-fog spray can effectively prevent all kinds of glasses lenses from fogging. All you have to do is apply it evenly to a clean lens, then use a cleaning cloth to polish your glasses. You can also dip a little soapy water on the lens and wipe it gently to prevent the lens from fogging. Using this method, the effect lasts for 2 to 3 days. Remember, be sure to wipe carefully so as not to scratch the lens. (We have detailed instructions on avoiding glasses fogging in our previous blog, please check again when you are convenient)

While proper care is essential and helps keep eyeglasses looking good, it's also important to know when to buy a new pair. If your eyes are straining and you have trouble reading books, computer screens, or objects that are near or far from you, it may be time to see an optometrist. If the time comes, don't miss out on the new eyewear collection.The woman's glasses are fogged up.

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