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Tips for Wearing Glasses with Masks

by SharonSwift 01 Apr 2021 0 Comments
Tips for Wearing Glasses with Masks

As COVID-19 still exists, students must always wear masks when going back to school. Also, it is necessary to wear a mask in public places or when you go out. At the same time, people who wear glasses are facing new challenges. Because when you put on a mask, you still need to breathe, and the glasses lenses are prone to fogging, which I know is unbearable. But don't worry too much, in this blog, we will give you some suggestions on anti-fog and how to deal with lens foggy.

"Earth" wears masks

People who wear glasses all have this experience: When the air alternates between hot and cold, the lenses are easy to be fogged, and nothing can be seen, not to mention how dangerous it is. The embarrassment caused by the fog is also quite annoying.

In fact, fog is everywhere, not only affects vision, accidents cause minor accidents, and even worse, it may cause injuries and threaten lives. The most common problem is embarrassment. For example, when you eat hot food, you cannot see what is in front of you...


Why lenses will fog

First, we need to know why the lenses will fog. The main cause of fog on the glasses is limited airflow. The shape of the mask means that most of the air you exhale escapes from the top of the mask. When you exhale, your warm breath will come into contact with your cold lens. This will cause condensation, which in turn will fog your lenses. This moisture can also cause your glasses to slip off your nose, impeding vision and requiring constant adjustments.


Our 4 tips for wearing masks and anti-fogging spectacle lenses

Here are some tips again. You can take these measures to reduce the impact of fog on the lens. It is recommended that you try these practices before going out to prevent you from adjusting your mask in front of other people.

# 1. How to wear a mask correctly

Most importantly, you must know how to wear a mask correctly. In fact, your mask should fit snugly against your nose and face. Only in this way can the harmful bacteria be kept away correctly. The upper edge of most masks can be pinched on the nose so that the mask can be firmly  attached to the face. Use medical or sports tape to close the gap between the bridge of the nose and the top of the mask. If there is no tape, try using a bandage.

# 2. Pinch the mask around the nose

It is best to put the mask tightly around the nose to reduce the amount of exhaled air. Move your mask slightly upwards, then put on your glasses. This will help seal the mask. Believe me, this is the right thing to do.

# 3. Adjust your frame

The air that escapes when wearing a mask will produce moisture on the bridge of the nose of the glasses, which can cause the glasses to slip off the nose. This can be annoying and, to a large extent, an unnecessary distraction. Constantly adjusting masks and glasses in public is actually not ideal. In addition, your glasses may also slip because they are not completely suitable for you. Especially after you have owned the frames for a while. The best way is to adjust and tighten the glasses frame to prevent this from happening.

# 4. Make sure the lens is clean

In fact, dirty lenses are more prone to fogging than clean lenses. If you have not worn glasses for a while, it is recommended that you do so. We recommend using professional lens cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. This not only helps prevent fogging, but also ensures higher clarity and longer life.

Unfortunately, when you wear glasses and masks at the same time, the fog on the lens cannot be completely eliminated. However, using these 4 useful techniques can help reduce the chance of occurrence and reduce the impact. In addition, we still hope that COVID-19 will end as soon as possible and keep everyone healthy. The world is still the world we used to be.

Wear a mask to start a video chat

Common sense we should know and what should I do if my glasses are foggy now?

1.Fogging in the eyes with a mask is a physical phenomenon

If you wear masks and glasses, this is a normal physical phenomenon, because the exhaled gas has a higher temperature and the surrounding air temperature is lower, which forms a phenomenon of liquefaction and causes the glasses to fog up.

2.Wipe in time

For the phenomenon of fogging, you can choose to wipe it in time to continue using it, especially when you are walking, just wipe it in time, and you don’t need to do other special treatments, so you can use it normally.

3.Spray with anti-fogging agent

It can be sprayed with an anti-fogging agent, so that the glasses will not be fogged. After the anti-fogging agent is sprayed, a protective film will appear, so that there will be no fogging.

 4.Apply the lens with detergent

You can also use detergent to apply the lens of the glasses, which can also have an anti-fogging effect. This is also a protective layer that does not fog. The detergent needs to be diluted before use.

 5.Apply the lens with soapy water

You can also dip some soapy water on the lens to prevent the lens from fogging. This is also good. Put the soap in the water and wipe it properly to produce soapy water. Wipe it on the lens, let it dry naturally, and then wipe it gently with a glass cloth to prevent frosting. Using this method, the effect can be maintained for 2 to 3 days.

Wipe the lens with a clean glasses cloth until the lens is clean and bright. However, be sure to wipe carefully to prevent the lens from scratching. 

However, when using detergent or glass anti-fogging agent, please pay attention to the front and back of the mirror. But it must be lighter and not scratch the lens. Generally, after one use, you can store them for several hours without fogging.

After wearing a mask, the lens fogged
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