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When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

by SharonSwift 11 Oct 2021 0 Comments
When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Blu-ray is everywhere. It can be found in natural sunlight. It can also be found in LED bulbs, TV screens, smartphone displays, and computer monitors. It can be seen that the blue light is all around us. Therefore, you should wear anti-blue lenses whenever you use a screen or device that emits blue light. Use a pair of excellent blue blocking lenses to keep your eyes healthy and reduce digital eye strain. Before that, do you know about anti-blue light glasses, if not, then here is a “fast track”, let's find out.

The following 3 scenes are bound to wear Blu-ray glasses.

When using a computer

It is always a good idea to wear anti-blue light glasses when using a computer. The average adult spends at least 4 hours a day on the computer, and some computer workers stare at the screen for 8 hours or more a day. Excessive exposure to the blue light emitted by computer screens can cause some potentially uncomfortable side effects, including dry eyes and headaches. Our continuous connection with digital devices, and with the development of technology, people nowadays pay more attention to proper eye care than ever before-of course, this is also the necessary birth of our anti-blue glasses. In addition, when using the computer, be sure to blink frequently, maintain a good sitting posture, and set up a work space to reduce digital eye fatigue.

A woman using a computer

When looking at a smartphone

A long day of work (and long hours of staring at the computer screen) is often accompanied by more mobile screen time. An exclusive moment before you go to bed. Does "Last Video" sound familiar? identical. Smartphones, tablets and other handheld digital devices are also sources of blue light exposure. After people have worked on the screen for eight hours, they usually use electronic handheld devices to follow up again for several hours. (I know, so are you!) The screens of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers also emit blue light. To reduce the potential hazards of blue light, please use anti-blue light lenses every time you pick up the device.

A woman looking at the phone

When indoors and outdoors

In our lives, Blu-ray does not only come from our computers, smartphones and tablets. TVs and LED bulbs in the home are also sources of blue light exposure. In order to minimize exposure, try to wear anti-blue glasses when watching TV. Of course, please consider wearing anti-blue glasses when turning on the lights. The sun also produces blue light. But humans have the best adaptability to sunlight, and blue light in nature will not directly harm human eyes. Because the blue light in the sun enters our eyes after a very long distance, and then after the reflection of the illuminated object, and we don’t look directly at the sun, and the blue light emitted by electronic products illuminates the distance very short and It is shot directly into the human eye.

In fact, even if you don’t look at electronic screens, you can wear anti-blue glasses in your daily life. The blue coating itself will not harm your eyes, so you can keep them on them all day long. As mentioned earlier, blue light is everywhere, so they really can only help you.

A cute child is following the sun.

Different types of blue light lenses

Whether you wear prescription glasses or over-the-counter glasses, blue light glasses are an excellent choice to reduce the effects of digital eye fatigue. We know that we cannot change the time people spend on the screen (you are reading online right now, right?), fortunately, ANRRI can prevent related problems. Find the frame that suits you, choose the lens you need, and protect your most important eyes. Start here. ANRRI presents new styles every month. I think you will definitely find a style you like.

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