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What Is The Right Lens Index For You?

by SharonSwift 16 Feb 2022 0 Comments
What Is The Right Lens Index For You?

With the rapid advancements in lens technology, purchasing eyeglass lenses has become more diverse and complex than ever. From standard to polycarbonate and high-index, what do these various lens products mean for you?

Lens index: what is it?

The lens index is a numerical representation of the refractive power inherent in the lens material, determining the thickness of the lens. Certain materials, particularly those used in high-index lenses, excel at bending light efficiently. High-index lenses, crafted from superior materials, offer stronger corrections without the need for bulky lenses. As the prescription strength increases, lenses typically become thicker and heavier. However, high-index materials offer thinner and lighter alternatives, making them an excellent choice for those with strong prescriptions. Typically, the index ranges from 1.50 to 1.74.

What exactly is a high-index lens?

High-index lenses possess a higher refractive index, enabling them to slow and bend light more efficiently than standard index lenses. Thanks to the quality of the material, light is utilized more efficiently, eliminating the need for extra material to redirect its path.
In simple terms, if you opt for high-index lenses, they will be thinner. Conversely, if your prescription glasses utilize a lower lens index material, they will be thicker.
Lens index charts span a range from a standard index of 1.5 to a high index of 1.74.

Lens material: considerations

The quality of lenses is accurately measured on the Lens Index chart. Slight differences in eyeglass lens indices can significantly impact your lifestyle. Low-index glasses tend to be thicker but more budget-friendly, offering only basic vision correction. On the other hand, high-index lenses require less material, resulting in thinner, lighter designs that can be customized to address a wide array of vision correction issues.

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1.5 Standard Index
1.5 Standard index lenses are for the weakly prescribed population looking for an affordable option.
1.5 Standard refractive index lenses are available for the following prescriptions:
+/- 2.25 and less SPH correction, or;
CYL Correction +/- 1.50 and less

1.56 Intermediate index
The core difference between a 1.56 medium index lens and a 1.5 standard lens is the thickness of the lens.
The 1.56 thin index lenses are suitable for the following prescriptions:
SPH correction of +/- 5.00 and +/- 4.00, and;
CYL correction of +/- 3.00 and below

1.61 High Index
1.61 high-index lenses offer a slim option for those looking for a modern, stylish look. The 1.61 high index lenses fit into thin frames, making them ideal for everyday wear.
1.61 High index lenses are suitable for the following prescriptions:
SPH correction of +/- 4.25 and +/- 6.75, and;
CYL correction of +/- 2.25 and +/- 3.00

1.67 High Index
The 1.67 high-index lenses are very thin, even surpassing the 1.61 high-index lenses. This lens index is a great option for those with a super prescription.
1.67 High index lenses are suitable for the following prescriptions:
SPH correction of +/- 7.00 and +/- 9.00, and;
CYL correction of +/- 3.25 and +/- 4.00

The 1.74 high index lens is the thinnest option available, designed for those with the highest prescriptions, and is the best option if you have a high prescription.
1.74 High index lenses are suitable for the following prescriptions:
+/- 9.25 and higher SPH correction, and;
CYL correction of +/- 4.25 and +/- 6.00

Shopping at Anrri

To ensure you find the perfect frame, regardless of your lens index, Anrri provides a comprehensive range of options. Just like your trusted optometrist, we will recommend the most suitable lens index based on your prescription. Our advanced online ordering system automatically suggests the optimal index for your needs! Additionally, AnrrI offers an array of styles and designs, paired with innovative lens technologies such as blue light filter glasses and sleep glasses, to suit your every preference and lifestyle requirement.

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