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What are Reading Glasses?

by SharonSwift 11 Nov 2021 0 Comments
What are Reading Glasses?

In a world, where electronic devices are vital to daily life, having a clear vision has always been the most needed thing. Unfortunately, vision loss is common for many people. Then let's face it-eventually, as we get older, most of us will have to wear reading glasses.

What are reading glasses?

Let’s first talk about the working principle of reading glasses. Reading glasses are used to treat a near vision disease called presbyopia, which causes individuals to be unable to clearly see the pages of the book or the text on the screen. Glasses correct this by using convex lenses to magnify objects and make them sharper.

Do I need reading glasses?

Finding it is difficult to read books or small prints on the screen is the most common sign of presbyopia, but it is not the only sign. Other symptoms may require reading glasses, such as:

1.Frequent headaches when reading, especially near the eyes

2.You need to bring the book or screen close to your eyes to read

3.Eye fatigue or tears after reading

4.If you are over 40 years old, you have a higher risk of presbyopia

Presbyopia is a very normal physiological phenomenon, not an eye disease, but a visual problem that inevitably occurs after people enter middle-aged and old age. Of course, each of us will face the problem of presbyopia. This is because as the age grows, the adjustment ability of the eyeball ciliary muscle gradually decreases, making the sharpness of looking at close objects lower and lower, and the near point gradually moves back.

An old grandpa is reading

Therefore, presbyopia with a pair of reading glasses is very necessary, so when do you need it? Certainly, some people will show up earlier or later. Some people think that "people with myopia will not get presbyopia." Experts say everyone will get presbyopia at a certain age. Generally speaking, after emmetropia (eyes without myopia) suffers from presbyopia, you need to read a book or newspaper to see clearly; and people with myopia, after the appearance of presbyopia, because myopia and presbyopia can interact with each other Offset some of the power, so these people often do not have obvious reading blur, but they have to take off myopia glasses to read clearly; and people with hyperopia will have presbyopia very early, possibly at the age of 35 There will be a problem of ambiguity in reading.

A woman is reading

Even if you can read the small print well, but notice that the above symptoms occur frequently, they may also be early warning signs. As a preventive measure, you can predict problems early by wearing reading glasses. But it is worth noting that reading glasses cannot be worn for a long time. After using reading glasses for a period of time, you need to take off the reading glasses and do eye exercises to avoid eye fatigue. Many people think that reading glasses are the same as ordinary glasses. In fact, it is not. Reading glasses only need to be worn when they are needed. You can wear reading glasses differently at other times.

An old grandma is struggling to read

You should consider computer reading glasses that can filter blue light, such as a pair of ANRRI BLUE LIGHT READING GLASSES. These can provide extra protection from the glare of the device screen to help prevent eye fatigue and further vision complications. Whether you are starting to notice blur now or want to prevent symptoms in the future, browse our selection of blue-ray glasses now.

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