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Sunglasses Lens Materials

by SharonSwift 21 Jul 2021 0 Comments
Sunglasses Lens Materials

Sunglasses provide the most effective way to protect our eyes, but do you really understand sunglasses lens? Usually, people just seek pleasure in style and never care about the material of the lens. This is also understandable. Because many people do not know the source of the material, the sales in the physical store may not be very detailed. It doesn't matter, this blog will take you to learn more about the basics of sunglasses and sunglasses lens materials.

Conditions for ideal sunglasses:

96% of the ultraviolet rays must be filtered out; the color of the left and right lenses is even; the scene cannot be distorted and deformed through the lens; it is light and comfortable to wear; it is not easy to break. The frame should fit tightly and comfortably on the bridge of the nose and ears, the eyelashes should not touch the lens, and the lens should not fall off.

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Classification of solar frame lenses

Sunglasses lenses are divided by material: 1. PC lens 2. Glass lens 3. Resin lens 4. Nylon lens (Optical memory nylon lens TR90) 5. AC lens 6. Polarizing lens 7. Color changing lens

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1. PC(polycarbonate lens): strong, not easy to break, impact resistant, specially designated lens material for sports glasses.

2. Glass lens: It has higher clarity than resin and is not easy to wear. However, it is heavy and easy to break, and its ability to absorb ultraviolet rays is relatively weak.

3. Hard resin lens (CR39): The resin is a kind of phenolic structure but a chemical substance. It is characterized by light weight, high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, and can effectively block ultraviolet rays.

4. Nylon lens: made of nylon, characterized by very high elasticity, excellent optical quality, strong impact resistance, usually used as a protective article; suitable for sheet metal frames, ultra-light weight, not easy to split , 100% UV protection, rich colors, the best lenses on the market, mostly used in high-end sunglasses.

5. AC lens (acrylic lens): It has excellent toughness, light weight, high perspective rate, and good anti-fogging properties.

6. Polarizer: Its function is to only accept light from one direction, and block the light from other directions. It uses the principle of blinds to filter out the light, so that we can see things more clearly. Polarizer principle: In order to filter the dazzling rays of the sun shining on sleep, land or snow in equal directions, a special vertical coating is added to the lens to become a polarized lens.

7. Color-changing lens: also known as "photochromic lens". The lens can quickly darken under outdoor light and ultraviolet rays, block strong light and absorb ultraviolet rays, and have a neutral absorption of visible light; back indoors, it can quickly return to a colorless and transparent state, ensuring the transmittance of the lens. Therefore, the color-changing lens is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to prevent sun, ultraviolet, and strong light from harming the eyes.

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