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Non-prescription glasses

by SharonSwift 27 May 2021 0 Comments
Non-prescription glasses

Nowadays, people who wear glasses for many reasons. It is not entirely due to own visual impairment. In the past, the acceptance of flat mirrors was extremely low. Gone are the days that were considered unattractive. In fact, many people wear non-prescription glasses for fashion. As an accessory, as one of today's outfits. Non-prescription glasses (also known as flat glasses) provide a variety of designs, colors and materials, which can add just the right feeling to your styles! Today, they have become trend-setting fashion statements. Even if people do not need to correct their eyesight, they still wear glasses for fashion and styling, which is not surprising.

Will wearing a flat lens make me see things more clearly? Please be aware that the corrective power of non-prescription "flat lenses" is zero. If you don't have vision problems that need correction, then choose to wear flat glasses, they will neither damage your eyes nor cause structural problems. Certain non-prescription specifications (such as the type that blocks harmful blue light, which we call anti-blue light mirrors) can actually be good for your eye health.

A pair of eyes is looking at the computer

Why are non-prescription glasses so popular? Are they not just accessories? In this blog, let's learn more about flat mirrors.

Why wear non-prescription glasses

Non-prescription glasses (also called fake glasses or plain glasses) are glasses that are used as a fashion icon or just to refresh yourself. These glasses are fun and fashionable, but there is no prescription. Celebrities and online influencers have been wearing non-prescription glasses for decades, but this trend really took off in the 2010s, and their search interest has been growing for more than a decade. Non-prescription fashion glasses can add a charming color to your appearance. If you are working, you can wear them in the office to develop a more professional and refined style. But are they just a fashion trend? These cute non-prescription glasses can help protect your eyes from the influential blue light, as well as direct sunlight and glare. Our proprietary blue light filtering technology combined with anti-glare lenses can keep your eyes happy in today's screen-filled world. ANRRI also provides non-prescription glasses in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors, so you can always get glasses that meet your needs.

Glasses on the book

Non-prescription glasses that filter harmful blue light

You may ask, what is blue light?

Short-wave blue light is an important part of visible light, with short wavelength and high energy, which can directly penetrate the lens and reach the fundus retina. Blue light is the culprit of eye fatigue.

Source of Blu-ray

Blue light is abundant in computer monitors, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, digital products, display screens, LEDs and other light. Blue light can be seen everywhere in daily life, but the main source of harmful blue light is LED LCD screens.

The harm of blue light

The harm of blue light to the human eye is mainly manifested in the eye pathological harm and the harm of human rhythm that cause myopia, cataract and macular degeneration.

1. cause glare

Due to the relatively high energy of short-wavelength light, when encountering small particles in the air, the scatter rate is high, which is the main cause of glare. Patients with retinopathy and eye surgery (excimer surgery, cataract surgery) are very sensitive to light and will feel abnormally glare, which is also caused by short-wave blue light.

2. visual fatigue

After the visible light is focused on the eyes, the focal points are different, and there will be a focal difference between the two focal points. This is the main cause of blurred vision. Long-term visual fatigue can cause other fatigue symptoms. The introduction of blue light will exacerbate the focal difference and blurred vision.

There is a pair of glasses next to the computer

FAQ about non-prescription

Are blue light glasses really effective?

Anti-blue glasses have filters in their lenses to block or absorb blue light. This means that if you use these glasses while watching the screen, they can help reduce the impact of blue light waves, which can keep you awake and help reduce the burden and fatigue of your eyes.

Are blue light glasses safe and effective?

Blue light is a high-energy light that may cause damage to eyes and skin after using digital devices throughout the day. However, it is safe to use blue light blocking glasses, unless the filter is incorrectly filtered and blocked, otherwise it will not harm your eyes. However, different blue light glasses may not be able to filter out the same amount of blue light, and the cheapest glasses may block the most amount of blue light. Even if blue light glasses cannot filter out all blue light, they can reduce exposure to blue-violet light by 80% or more.

Does everyone need to buy anti-blue light glasses?

Regarding anti-blue light, if you are not staring at your computer or mobile phone all day, then it is not a must. You can choose ordinary lenses. In daily life, blue light is everywhere. Wearing a correct pair of anti-blue glasses is profitable and harmless. Why not do it? Due to your work needs, you may spend a lot of time working and entertaining in front of digital screens (TV, computer, telephone, etc.), and you must stare at the computer screen all day, so we recommend that you must choose anti-blue lens! Otherwise, your eyes may feel dry and tired, or you may experience an annoying headache, making it more difficult for you to concentrate.

There is a pair of glasses on the computer

These symptoms may indicate computer vision syndrome, a type of digital eye fatigue caused by increased exposure to harmful blue light emitted by our various screens. In an ideal world, the solution would be to minimize screen time. However, in view of modern work obligations and lifestyle habits, this is not always feasible. If you can't leave the screen, why not try to use over-the-counter glasses to filter the harsh rays of destructive blue light? Blue light glasses can alleviate your need to constantly refocus your eyes when looking at a digital screen, and at the same time can reduce eye fatigue by blocking blue light and glare. Another advantage of anti-blue glasses is that you can wear them all day without side effects. This solution is ideal for people who work in front of a digital screen for a long time.

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