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How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

by SharonSwift 05 Nov 2021 0 Comments
How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

Although the functionality of glasses is important, a perfect pair of glasses is much more than that. For example, the issue of personal style needs to be considered, and of course there is an important factor, that is, whether they are suitable for the wearer. Even the most popular pair of glasses or sunglasses will be discarded if they are not likable. It is necessary to be clear about your face shape before buying, especially when buying frames online. Or you will keep thinking, "What glasses do I look good on?" By coincidence, this is a handy guide on how to choose the right glasses frame for your face.

All kinds of glasses

What is your face shape?

The fact is that when choosing glasses for the face shape, no shape grouping is completely accurate. No one is a perfect heart, circle, or any other combination of shapes. When choosing glasses for your face shape, you need to choose the one that is most similar to yours.

The round face has a round forehead at the hairline and a round chin with a very subtle angle. The length of their faces is also relatively the same as the width.

The forehead of the square face is almost as wide as the chin, and the hairline is a straight line. Like round faces, their faces are as long as their faces, with only a strong square chin.

The cheekbones of people with diamond-shaped faces are obviously wider than the forehead and chin. They usually have a narrow jaw and a small forehead.

The cheekbones of oval faces are wider than the chin and forehead, but unlike diamonds, their faces are longer than wider. They also have a tall forehead with no sharp chins or chins.

The forehead of the heart-shaped face is wider than the chin, and the chin usually has a strength. Their faces gradually narrowed from top to bottom.

How to choose glasses for your face shape?

If you have correctly determined your shape, your next question is likely to be "What are the best glasses for my face?"

Round shape

The best styles for round faces are those eyeglass frames that can accentuate facial lines. For example, cat-eye glasses, toad glasses, thick-rimmed glasses, etc., can outline the roundness of the outline.

A round face girl with glasses


Because the square face has more edges and corners, and the cheekbones, forehead and chin are equally wide, the perfect glasses style for a square face is a round frame, which can soften the facial lines. The frame with a slightly wider side will also make the appearance more rounded.

A girl hugging a dog wearing glasses


People with this face shape are suitable for almost all styles. If you have an oval face, then you are definitely a handsome guy/beauty. All models are unexpectedly suitable and beautiful on your face.

A girl with glasses


Choose a frame with a reduced face shape: The frame should not be too wide at the temple, nor should it look bulky. Avoid angular and geometric shapes.

A girl with glasses


The heart-shaped face is suitable for a frame with a larger curvature. Or choose glasses with thinner frames or no frames, with lighter lenses, which can make the face look softer.

A girl with glassesWe hope this blog will help you to buy your next pair of glasses online. In fact, buying glasses and frames online can also be very easy. Don't be afraid, boldly break these rules. Trend leaders have done this for hundreds of years, and you may be the next one! Hope you can find a frame in ANRRI that complements your characteristics.

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