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Buy Prescription Glasses Online: The Beginner’s Guide

by JohnKane 25 Nov 2020
Buy Prescription Glasses Online: The Beginner’s Guide

For ages, You’ve heard about the advantages of buying prescription glasses online. But the whole process of ordering eyewear online is confusing.

Where do you start?
How do you choose the right frame?
What type of lenses should you choose?

To help with these questions:
we’ve prepared this extensive guide to assist you in making the best decision when buying prescription glasses online.

Let’s get right into it.


1. Get a Prescription

Before anything else first, visit an optometrist to get your eyes checked.

At the optometrist’s, you’ll undergo several tests to check whether you’re myopic or hyperopic.

During this test, make sure to ask your doctor to measure your pupillary distance (PD). Having the correct PD measurements ensures that the optical center of your glasses will be directly in front of your pupils.

Most optometrists will omit your PD on the prescription form to prevent you from buying glasses online. So, before any tests, ensure the optometrist is willing to give you your PD

After the tests, the doctor must give you a copy of the prescription.

You’ll need to understand your prescription before making an online order. Here are some of the terms and abbreviations you’ll need to be aware of:

OD (Oculus Dexter): Latin for the right eye.
OS (Oculus Sinister): Refers to your left eye.
SPH: This is the amount of lens power prescribed to correct your vision. If your nearsighted, your prescription will contain a (-). If your farsighted your prescription will include a (+)
ADD: Refers to the magnifying power added to the reading portion (bottom part) of multifocal glasses to treat presbyopia.
CYL: Amount of lens power needed to correct astigmatism.
AXIS: Only included if a CYL measurement is available. It refers to the degree at which the CYL power should be positioned to correct astigmatism.
PD: This is the distance between your pupils. It’s often measured in millimeters and can fall anywhere between 56mm and 68mm.

Now that you have and understand your prescription, let’s get into the fun part.


2. Choose a Frame

Perhaps the most exciting part of the buying process.

Online shops offer a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a frame.

Your Face Shape
Your chosen frame should complement your facial features and enhance your overall look.

When choosing a frame, choose one that contrasts with your face shape.

If you have a round face, go for rectangular frames.
If you have a square face and jaw, go for more rounded frames to help balance the clear-cut angles of your face.
If you have a diamond-shaped head (large forehead, broad cheekbones, and narrow chin), choose rounder shaped frames that have a wider top than the bottom.
If you have an oval head, you're lucky. You can rock any frames and still look good. For the optimum look, go for symmetrical frames that have a rounded bottom.

Some online shops allow you to upload a photo of your face to help you decide on the best frame shape for you. You can also visit your local optician and test out different frame shapes to determine the best one for you.Someone holding a pair of glasses

Your Lifestyle
Your chosen frame should be in line with your lifestyle and personality.

If you're a businessperson, go for conservative shapes and colors. Stick to either classic oval or rectangular shaped frames that are either black, brown, or silver. Such shapes and colors will help enhance your professional look.
Are you creative? Your best bet is to go with the more modern shaped frames. Look for geometric designs with thick metallic or plastic frames. . If you’re looking to show more of your creativity, you can try out bold colors such as red, purple, blue, or green. Aviator and vintage-style frames also make an excellent choice for many creatives.
If you're a busy parent, stick to the basics. Go for rectangular, oval, or soft cat-shaped frames. In terms of color, go for darker colors.
What if I’m a student? Geeky, retro-look or modern frames are your best bet for you. Go for eye-catching colors, interesting details, and large frames.

Material Used
Do you plan to wear your glasses all day every day? If so, choose a lightweight yet durable frame material. Titanium should be an excellent choice.

If you suffer from skin allergies, choose a frame made from hypoallergenic material like acetate or propionate.

For children, choose frames made from flexible yet durable material to ensure a longer lifespan for the glasses. Choose either frames made from TR-90 or memory metal.

You can also consider other addons such as anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating.

Facial Measurements
You don't want to buy glasses only for them to be either too big or too small. So, before making any purchase, make sure you know your facial measurements.

Most online prescription eyewear stores provide a guide on how to take your measurements correctly.

If you previously wore glasses, you can check the measurements either at the arms or just behind the nose bridge.


3. Choose a Prescription Lens

You have the perfect frame.

Now, it’s time to choose a lens. And you have thousands of options.

When choosing prescription lenses, build from your prescription.

If you have a low prescription, consider going with the standard air lenses with an anti-reflective coating. This way, you don't have to worry about glare.

Do you have a higher prescription?

Go for the high index thin layer lens. These are thinner and lighter, but still quite powerful. They also offer UV protection.

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer or TV, you can also order a pair of blue light glasses to help protect your eyes from further harm.

Now for the easy part.


4. Place your Order

With the ideal frame and the right lenses, all that remains is for you to place your order.

Simply fill your shipping details, pay, sit back, and wait for your order to arrive.

Enjoy Excellent Vision with a Touch of Style by Buying Glasses Online

There you have it.

All you need to know about buying prescription glasses online.

Take the leap and order a stylish pair of prescription eyewear online today.

And if you

Work for long hours in front of digital screens,
Are finding it hard to sleep,
Experience headaches after hours in front of the screen

Order a pair of blue light blocking glasses at ANRRI. ANRRI glasses reduce blue light by 90 %, therefore, protecting your eyes from digital strain.

And that’s not all.

ANRRI eyewear is available in prescription and non-prescription options.Viewing information on iPad

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