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How to Fix Broken Glasses

by SharonSwift 02 Sep 2021 0 Comments
How to Fix Broken Glasses

For many people, glasses are an indispensable tool. Therefore, when your glasses break, it is more than an inconvenience. Broken glasses will reduce your quality of life and inhibit your ability to work. But in fact, don’t worry too much. Depending on the damage, there are many ways to repair broken glasses. We will share some tips and methods so that you can try to fix the frames at home so that you can still wear them.

Before we start, if you have purchased ANRRI glasses, please contact our customer experience team directly. Because ANRRI provide worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. You can contact us if you encounter any problems.

1. Suppose your frame is broken, but your lenses are okay.

If the plastic frame around the lens breaks. Please clean the damaged area first to remove any dust or debris. Cover the lens with cloth or wax paper to avoid damage to the lens caused by the glue. Use glue to press the two broken parts together. Put them together for at least 1 minute to allow the glue to set to a certain degree. Put the frame on the table and let it stand for 15-20 minutes to allow the glue to fully strengthen. Before trying the framework again to see if this fix works, make sure there is no wet glue.

One more thing, please remember: never try to install lenses on new frames. The reason is that your lenses are specially designed for your frames. The optical center of the lens needs to be perfectly aligned with the pupil to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Your vision may also be limited by trying to modify the lenses into a new set of frames. Especially for progressive glasses, because this kind of glasses adopts advanced multifocal design, if there is no accurate measurement value, it is almost impossible to reuse progressive lenses.

A green frame

2. How to repair a broken metal frame

You may need a glasses repair kit and a pair of soft pliers. Clamp one of the broken ends with your fingers or pliers, and gently try to bend the metal frame or bend the arm back to its original shape. Be careful to bend too much to break them further, and only welding can repair it. (But in fact, we don't want you to try to do this, because relatively speaking, the metal frame will be more likely to break if it's not handled properly.) Put on your metal frame and test to see if it can solve the problems.

3. How to repair glasses hinge

You can use this method to help try to repair a spectacle arm that is damaged at the hinge. If you just lost a screw problem, you will need a glasses repair kit. (Buy a spectacle kit from your local optometrist, pharmacy or online store.) Find the screws and install them. If the entire spectacle arm is broken, it is recommended that you purchase a new one directly on the ANRRI website. (This is a joke but there is really no way to fix it, it really needs to be re-purchased).   

Repairing glasses with a screwdriver

4. If the nose pad is broken

What you need is a glasses repair kit and a new nose pad.
Use the screwdriver and magnifying glass included in the repair kit to tighten the loose nose pad screws or remove the screws as needed. Insert a new screw into the nose pad area or install a replacement nose pad. Gently tighten the screws into place. Put on the frame to test whether the nose pads feel good again and whether the repair solves your problem.

Although there are many solutions to repair broken glasses frames, it is usually easier (in some cases more affordable) to order new replacement parts. These small methods can be used as an emergency. For those who are looking for alternatives. ANRRI provides glasses of various materials and styles for both adults and children. Why not try it!

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