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How Can I Tell If My Glasses Are Blue Light Filtering

by SharonSwift 24 Sep 2021 0 Comments
How Can I Tell If My Glasses Are Blue Light Filtering

With the development of science and technology, society has gradually entered the screen era, and electronic screens, such as computers and mobile phones, gradually occupy our daily lives. For us who have grown up with the electronic media, the screen has a subtle influence on our cultural thinking and habits, and also determines the main entertainment mode of our generation. At the same time, the screen has also brought many effects on people's physical and mental health, which should not be ignored. There are many ways to protect eyesight, but the most direct and effective way is to wear anti-blue glasses correctly.

How to judge whether the glasses are anti-blue light

In the age of online shopping, it is difficult to directly determine whether the goods you buy are legal. This is especially true for blue light glasses, because it is often difficult to tell whether the lens is really equipped with a blue light blocking coating. The best way to determine whether the glasses are blue-proof is to order from a reputable merchant. Buying from a reliable retailer that specializes in vision will ensure that you can get a pair of high-quality glasses. ANRRI always pays attention to and supervises "design" and "creation", so we know exactly what direction we need to take to provide you with high-quality and budget-friendly products. At the same time, we will always provide excellent customer service and friendly customer support. When we emit anti-blue light lenses, we will send a "blue light test card" and an ultraviolet laser pointer with the glasses, so that customers can witness that the glasses in their hands can really block blue light.  ANRRI's blue light blocking lenses are developed and continuously developed by experts to better protect and adapt to your vision.A beauty is wearing glasses

Are there any colors in the anti-blue light glasses?

There are many different qualities of anti-blue glasses lenses. Whether they have a color depends on the brand of the lens and the amount of blue light they block.

For example, computer glasses are sometimes equipped with bright yellow lenses, which can block 65% to 99% of blue light. These are very useful for gamers or those who don't want the screen time at night to affect their sleep.

Our blue light blocking lenses have all the advantages of blue light blocking. Professional anti-blue lenses generally have a little color. Our anti-blue lens will be a little yellowish, but it is invisible. It can be worn in any situation without any embarrassment. At the same time, it can also be used as an over-the-counter lens, allowing everyone to easily maintain clear vision and protect their eyes.A beauty is wearing glasses

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