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Glasses for Different Occasions

by SharonSwift 29 Dec 2021 0 Comments
Glasses for Different Occasions

Nowadays, glasses are more and more recognized by people. Glasses not only have the function of vision correction, but also a fashionable all-match artifact. Therefore, wearing suitable glasses on different occasions has become a hot topic for people today, and it is a manifestation of lifestyle. In order to help everyone correctly choose their own suitable glasses style, ANRRI EYEWEAR shares some tips on wearing glasses correctly according to the occasion. I hope you will gain something after reading this blog.

1. In the workplace

In the suitability of work and office, bosses generally require rigorous working conditions for employees. So, when choosing glasses, we must avoid exaggerated and ostentatious glasses styles. The choice of glasses should be combined with the office environment, as simple and linear as possible, the style is slightly more official, not fancy. Men can choose metal glasses, cool and cool, giving people an image of wisdom. Women can choose neutral style glasses, such as sheet metal or a combination of sheet metal and metal. The frame selection is smooth, and the color selection is warm, giving people a professional image of skill and intelligence. Regardless of men and women, as simple as possible in the workplace can maintain your professional image.A woman wearing black Adair

2. On social occasions

You need to give people a connotative and wise image, and you should choose glasses with curves and softer colors. This will give people a good image of taste and connotation. The best choice for glasses is curvilinear, and the choice of color also needs to be softer. Men can choose plate glasses with soft colors for more relaxed social occasions. If you choose high-end alloy glasses for formal social occasions, it will give people a capable impression. Ladies are better to choose a lively color, but you need to pay attention to the color of the glasses should be in harmony with the clothes they are wearing.A woman wearing transparent Quincy

3. Leisure places

Usually at home to study, travel or date, do not wear too rigid glasses, you can try some fashionable, popular glasses, such as large-frame retro glasses. Casual glasses are more relaxed and free. Glasses matching for casual occasions are relatively easy and free. The main focus is on wearing comfort and showing personality, highlighting the image of personal temperament, and can also reflect the pursuit and taste of fashion, and stand out among friends. In terms of glasses materials, plates, tr90, etc. are all very good choices. This kind of glasses is novel in style, rich in colors, stylish and beautiful, and easy to match with clothing. Whether it is men or women, no matter what age group it is suitable for wearing, there are more styles to choose from.A woman is wearing tortoise Laken

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