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Best Frames for Progressives

by SharonSwift 25 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Best Frames for Progressives

Progressive glasses are different from wired bifocals of the past. It is a wireless multifocal lens that provides three viewing zones for near, intermediate, and far vision. Simply put, the same pair of glasses can see both far and near. (Flexibility to avoid the trouble and inconvenience of changing glasses back and forth). However, the light spots corresponding to the axial positions of different regions are very strict. When your progressive glasses frame is broken, you cannot arbitrarily cut the progressive lenses to another frame. So, with this type of glasses, the priority is to make sure your lenses fit your eyes and face shape.The three regions of the progressive slice.

There are three main requirements for the progressive film to the frame

1. Minimal distance between your glasses and your eyes.

2. Enough depth from top to bottom.

3. An appropriate shape that doesn't cut off the lower part of the frame.

What kind of frame can match the progressive film?

Progressive lenses have different zones that allow you (the wearer) to see objects at far, near, and intermediate distances. Frame selection can affect how progressive lenses work for you, and choosing the right frame can seem daunting. But not necessarily. If you are considering a pair of progressive lenses, we will advise accordingly. First, go to the ANRRI website, you can try on and choose from our thousands of frames, and we have a free replacement after-sales service, so you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong frame online!

Here is some useful information you can consider when choosing a framework:

1. I suggest you buy one with nose pads. There are nose pads to easily maintain the distance between the eyes and the lenses. Imagine if the lens were right in front of your eyes, you wouldn't have easy access to all areas of the lens. However, if the lenses are too far apart, it may affect the usable area. Assuming you're wearing something a little wrong in the upper and lower areas of the progressive piece, the style frame with nose pads can quickly adjust slightly higher and lower until it's comfortable.

2. Adjustable acetate arm. If this part can be broken at will, it can make the glasses firmer, and after adjusting the arc, it can effectively prevent them from slipping. If your glasses slip off too easily, it will greatly reduce the comfort of wearing them.

3. Sufficient frame height is also very important, the minimum fitting height of progressive lenses is 28-30mm. This tells guarantees that each part of the 3 blips of the progressive piece has the proper space so you can see your best.

4. Progressive wearers should try to avoid pilots and cat-eyes (extremely small cat-eye shapes) because the bottom (reading part) of these two is very small, which can lead to decreased reading vision. Here, it is recommended to choose round, square and polygonal frames as much as possible.A women wearing glasses

Are progressive lenses bigger and better?

Yes. For a long time, large frames and lenses were the only options for progressive glasses. After all, you need enough space to see every part of the lens. Relatively speaking, small frames can be challenging because they intercept the bottom of the lens, which can affect your near vision (or your ability to read). Know that small frames are an option, but it's best to stick with larger lenses. (Especially newbies wearing progressive lenses for the first time)

Everyone deserves high-quality, affordable glasses, so we've created thousands of frames in different sizes and styles. So, why limit yourself to a pair? Instantly see which frames work best for your face and style with our virtual try-on. Remember to try on your glasses online before buying! Once your order is placed, your glasses will be individually manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and shipped directly to you.hand holding glasses

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