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Are Computer Glasses The Same As Reading Glasses?

by SharonSwift 11 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Are Computer Glasses The Same As Reading Glasses?

As screen time increases, it becomes even more important to protect your eyes and your health. If you are over 40, you may be considering reading glasses or computer glasses. This can be a particularly in-depth topic if you're deciding between a pair of reading glasses and computer glasses. That's why we decided to create this article to help outline the differences between the two.

What are reading glasses?

These glasses are designed to compensate for vision loss caused by close objects. With reading glasses on, you can see words without squinting or moving backwards. Reading glasses are very common for people over 40 as your vision begins to change. Between the ages of 41-60, it is recommended that you schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years to check for any vision problems. During this time, the eye's ability to focus gradually deteriorates. This condition is called presbyopia. Presbyopia is the loss of the eye's ability to actively focus on near objects.

This is a very common situation and can be resolved with reading glasses. Generally, reading glasses have a higher focusing power in the lower part of the lens. They got their name because of their ability to help users read the small print on medicine bottles, newspapers or books.

When do I need reading glasses?

Do you need reading glasses? It depends on the severity of the straining to read. Also, you may need them if you can't see objects close up. Do you have difficulty reading books and text messages? If so, all of these are indicators that proper reading glasses are needed. Finally, you should know that some reading glasses can help those who have difficulty reading text on a screen. These glasses can help magnify small text on the website you're reading. Tasks like reading menus, text messages, and food labels become clearer and easier to accomplish once you've determined your appropriate reading glasses prescription strength. You can usually buy reading glasses at your local drugstore or bookstore. Even better, find the frame that fits your personal style in our vast inventory of reading glasses.A person who is reading a book

What are computer glasses?

Computer glasses, also known as blue light glasses, come with a blue light coating that can be limited to help protect your eyes and block the amount of blue light. Blue light is part of the harmful light projected by digital screens such as TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers.

What do computer glasses do?

Computer glasses are designed for people who work on a computer for hours a day.

The biggest benefit that computer glasses offer is that they help you fall asleep easier and faster. Special reflective coatings on the lenses help reduce glare and blue light that can disrupt your circadian rhythm, especially when you're using your computer at night or your phone in bed. If you use regular glasses while staring at your device, you may have trouble falling asleep.      A woman wearing glasses is smiling and looking at the camera.

Which one is right for you? Do I need both?

It is very possible to have your reading glasses with a blue light coating. This gets you the best of both worlds. Having computer reading glasses can not only solve the fatigue problem when reading at close range, but also protect your eyes by limiting blue light exposure.

Reading glasses with blue-light filtering lenses are great for when you're using your phone, tablet, or laptop. However, since the blue light coating is imperceptible, you can enjoy the convenience of reading glasses even when you are not in front of the screen.

Whether to choose computer glasses, regular reading glasses, or a combination of both depends a lot on your personal needs, desires and lifestyle.

Are you ready? Purchase ANRRI reading glasses and choose to add blue light filtering lenses at checkout. You'll easily have clear, comfortable and stylish glasses.

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