Collection: Square Sunglasses for Women and Men

Square sunglasses are the most widespread and practical unisex sunglasses on the market today. Square sunglasses come in a variety of designs, from small sizes to oversized, from retro shapes to modern pops. The versatility of the shape is one of the reasons it is so popular. Browse ANRRI's collection of square sunglasses. Buy the one that best suits your face shape!

Square Sunglasses for Women and Men
  • Bette $23
  • Adair $19
  • Alaric $23
  • Caleb $16
  • Violet $19
  • Mateo $16
  • Colotte $23
  • Malachi $13
  • Sunny $19
  • Kingston $13
  • Sawyer $16
  • Khloe $13
  • Faith $19
  • Emerson $19
  • Archer $13
  • Bryson $23
  • Luke $19
  • Michael $16
  • Ayden $16
  • Piper $23
  • Remi $16
  • Carson $23
  • Gael $16
  • Sofia $16
  • Cooper $19
  • Rowan $13
  • Hudson $19
  • Theo $19
  • Charlie $19
  • Wyatt $23
  • Nick $19
  • Aries $23
  • Cassia $19
  • Gianni $23

Are square sunglasses in style?

Square retro glasses have always been known for their durability, but now this retro look is back in vogue, so get ready to impress. If you're looking to buy sunglasses to make a statement, try a square frame.

Who should wear square sunglasses?

This contrast in shape makes the two styles best for different face shapes. Round glasses are great for softening bold features and sharp chin lines, while square glasses are great for adding structure and contour to round chins and delicate cheekbones.

Are square sunglasses good for oval faces?

An oval face suits glasses with sharp edges, such as square or rectangular frames. It can increase the aura of the whole person, and at the same time modify the shape of the face and improve the contour of the face.

Should square face wear square glasses?

Square and rectangular glasses will pay more attention to the effect of visual gathering. Square frames will accentuate and draw attention to the angular features of a square face, rather than contrasting them with the curves. So, square or rectangular frames probably won't help you (square face).