Collection: Spring Hinge Glasses with Flexible Arms

This type of eyeglass hinge offers more flexibility and gently hugs your face for extra comfort and a better fit for those with wider cheeks. Glasses hinges are the most important part of any pair of glasses. Many of our frames come with spring hinges, so take your time and you're sure to find the perfect match for your style.

Spring Hinge Glasses with Flexible Arms
  • Ainslie $13
  • Antaris $17
  • Lebelo $33
  • Thando $23
  • Destiny $13
  • Crimson $23
  • Nova $13
  • Cali $13
  • Kate $13
  • Wachira $17
  • Raila $17
  • Adam $17
  • Reviro $23
  • Kingsley $23
  • Dakota $23
  • Tempest $17
  • Hayes $26
  • Jared $19
  • Alejandro $26
  • Tessa $17
  • Arad $23
  • Maximiliano $16
  • Izaiah $19
  • Emilia $23

The role of the spring hinge

Increase the opening and closing function of the temples of the glasses, so that the temples can be opened and closed better. The opening angle of the spring temples is also larger than that non-spring-hinge glasses.

Advantages of spring hinges

Even if everyone chooses the glasses frame a little small, but if there is a spring hinge, it can still be worn very comfortably, which is unmatched by other styles of glasses frames. The spring hinge frame can very well solve the disadvantages of clipping the face, clipping the hair, and uncomfortable temples when wearing glasses.

Spring hinge glasses have many benefits, but on the other hand, once used for a long time or for many years, the spring may be aged or broken, and repairing it will be more complicated than ordinary frames, and may require professional repairs. But don't worry, ANRRI provide worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us ( and we will reply within 24 hours.