Collection: Round Sunglasses for Women and Men

While the round frame shape has been around for over 100 years, it's always been trendy. They will continue to be popular through 2022. Fortunately, the round shape fits most face shapes, so it's easy to match with just about everyone. A new day, a new look. Browse our collection of round sunglasses. Shop for the style which is best suits your face shape! And, the lenses of these round sunglasses have UV400 protection to protect your eyes from the sun's dangerous UVA and UVB rays.
Round Sunglasses for Women and Men
  • Samuel $19
  • Naya $23
  • Creo $19
  • Cecilia $16
  • Jayce $23
  • Melanie $16
  • Karter $16
  • Andrea $16
  • Sadie $16
  • Gavin $19
  • Milo $23
  • Ezekiel $13
  • Emeryss $16
  • Brody $23
  • Norah $26
  • Reese $19
  • Valerie $23
  • Timothy $23
  • Brianna $23
  • Maddox $16
  • Isaac $13
  • Lincoln $19
  • Julian $23

How should men/women wear round sunglasses?

The beauty of round sunglasses is that you can really wear them with anything. Wearing a round sunglass with something simple and clean like denim and a tee shirt can set you apart in a huge way. You can also dress them up and throw a pair on while wearing a perfectly tailored suit.

Who looks good in round sunglasses?

Round sunglasses are suitable for those with a prominent chin and broad forehead. Round sunglasses are suitable for oblong or oval faces with prominent features.

What face shape is good for round sunglasses?

If a square frame balances out a round face, then a round frame balances out a square face. Rounded corners and soft angles balance out sharp jawlines and square foreheads, which will soften your face shape. Look for circular frames with soft lines to soften your features.

Why do people wear round glasses?

While we believe everyone can choose their preferred frame, round glasses are ideal for triangular, heart and square faces. Curved lenses are best for faces with sharp and angular faces, so anyone with a prominent jawline will rock round frames.