Collection: Glasses with nose pads

Buying glasses online can be difficult, especially when you don't know if they will fit. However, glasses with nose pads can give you peace of mind. Believe it or not, the small glasses nose pads on the frame play a vital role in their comfort. By keeping and balancing the weight of the glasses on your nose, they prevent your glasses from slipping or bending.

At ANRRI you'll find a wide selection of stylish frames with adjustable nose pads in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. Adjustable glasses with nose pads fit any face shape. 

Glasses with nose pads
  • Gizeh $17
  • Macon $13
  • Nairi $13
  • Beige $17
  • Futura $13
  • Theroux $10
  • Saturn $17
  • Glynn $13
  • Carter $17
  • Hereford $17
  • Slaine $17
  • Sana $7
  • Oswin $23
  • Levi $16
  • Barnett $17
  • Palermo $17
  • Shay $23
  • Trent $13
  • Nicolas $13
  • Joseph $26
  • Genevieve $17
  • Pavone $13
  • Moyo $17
  • Maron $23

Are glasses with nose pads better?

The answer tends to be varied and of course, depends on the individual. Because nose pads better fit the glasses on your face and help keep them from slipping off your nose or over your head.

Can you install nose pads on glasses?

Adjustable nose pads are the perfect remedy for inappropriate plastic eyewear. Meanwhile, the adjustable nose pad arms are also a great solution for long lashes, just to keep your glasses slightly away from your cheeks.