Collection: Brown Sunglasses for Women and Men

Brown sunglasses reduce glare can filter out a lot of blue light, can improve visual contrast and clarity, and wear well in severe air pollution (such as sandstorms) or foggy conditions.
Sometimes black sunglasses are too abrupt for the light hair color of Europeans and Americans. So most people prefer brown as a near-perfect color accessory for any occasion, with a muted style and an elegant personality. I am sure that brown will never let you down when it comes to glasses.
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Brown Sunglasses for Women and Men
  • Enzo Brown Plastic Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Enzo $45
  • Airni Brown Stainless steel Sunglasses from ANRRI
    Airni $45
  • Aubrey Brown Stainless steel Sunglasses from ANRRI
    Aubrey $45
  • Xavier Brown Plastic Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Xavier $45
  • Brianna Brown Plastic Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Brianna $55
  • Charlie Brown TR 90 Sunglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Charlie $45

What are brown sunglasses good for?

Brown lenses reduce glare and improve contrast. They reduce visual fatigue. This tint is invaluable for people with myopia. It is recommended for sailing, fishing or any sport where distance needs to be judged.

Why do people wear brown sunglasses?

Brown sunglasses can add brightness on cloudy days. They also enhance contrast, making them perfect for many outdoor activities. Brown lenses are known to improve depth perception, which helps with activities such as golfing or driving that require attention to smaller objects in the distance.

Brown Sunglasses

Brown Cat Eye Sunglasses

Whether it is going out daily or traveling on vacation, cat eye sunglasses are essential in terms of sun protection and concave shape. The brown color will make the overall feeling of the sunglasses very light, which weakens the unique shape of the cat-eye glasses itself, reduces the bluntness, and thus increases the overall sense of refinement.

Brown Aviator Sunglasses

Fashion is like a weathervane, which is hard to tell. Trends come and go like a gust of wind. It may blow back and change rapidly. But some classics are indelible. Many elements became a sign of an era that cannot be surpassed today. Among them, the most representative one is the toad mirror. The large frame is simple and elegant, and the large brown lens is cool. Retro charm with a flamboyant personality.

Brown Round Sunglasses

The round shape is also synonymous with retro and is a typical representative of sunglasses. The simple and elegant design style, combined with the retro shape design, is slightly elegant and extravagant, showing the graceful demeanor of intellectual women. The brown color can basically completely absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the color change is softer, which can make the glasses more comfortable.

Brown Square Sunglasses

To sum it up in one sentence, whether it is at work or in daily life, wearing square sunglasses can be well integrated into our dressing style, and the temperament it brings is naturally self-evident. The coffee color is also very versatile and suitable for everyone.