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Why do people wear blue glasses?

1. Fashion statement. Blue has a futuristic, technological vibe that conveys edgy individuality when worn as eyewear. Blue frames let people express unique personal style.
2. Enhancing appearance. Blue's vibrant, youthful essence helps create an energetic look. Blue frames can make the wearer seem refreshed and dynamic, with a modern zest.
3. Psychological effect. Blue has a soothing quality that relaxes eyes and visually calms the mind. It helps ease anxiety and eyestrain. The stable nature of blue is therapeutic.

Blue glasses can indeed make you look younger, but it depends on the style and frame material. Some blue frame styles are more youthful and trendy, such as rounded frames or frames with bold colors and patterns. These styles can give a more youthful and playful look to your face, making you appear younger. On the other hand, if you choose a more classic and simple blue frame style, it can still give a more sophisticated and mature look, which may not necessarily make you look younger. The material of the frames can also affect the overall look. Plastic frames tend to have a more youthful and casual look, while metal frames can give a more sophisticated and elegant look. Therefore, if you want to look younger with blue glasses, choose a trendy and playful frame style, and consider the material of the frames as well.