Collection: Aviator Sunglasses for Women and Men

The Aviator is considered one of the first popular styles designed, and even, continues to this day. Aviator sunglasses frames come in different sizes and styles. The one-piece frame structure is adopted, and the overall appearance is smooth and three-dimensional. Pilot-style design, do not pick face. Please take a moment to browse our pages and you'll be sure to find something that's right for you.
Aviator Sunglasses for Women and Men
  • Enzo $19
  • Bentley $16
  • Hiram $19
  • Hobo $23
  • Ice $23
  • Eisen $19
  • Airni $19
  • Diga $16
  • Jia $23
  • Athena $23
  • Allison $19
  • Finn $23
  • Jaxon $19
  • Asher $13
  • Hunter $13
  • Colton $16
  • Emery $23
  • Hadley $19
  • Richard $23
  • Joel $23
  • Lochlan $23
  • Ace $23

In the early days of flight, pilots of aircraft often wear these glasses to resist strong sunlight and strong wind. Make a statement in these bold aviator sunglasses with a signature brow bridge and dark lenses. Some have a modern twist, but all have an extra cool touch. Therefore, such sunglasses are called aviator sunglasses.

Is there a difference between mens and womens aviator sunglasses?

Women's sunglasses frame sizes are smaller, while men's frame sizes are wider. Considering the personality aspect, a larger sunglasses frame will add masculinity to a man's personality.

Can men wear aviators?

As far as who can wear them, they are versatile to say the least! They can be worn by young men or distinguished older men. And cleverly, they show off their style while also matching your wardrobe.

Do women look good in aviator sunglasses?

Yes. It looks equally iconic on both men and women, no matter their face shape. The aviator may well have the coolest top bar in the eyewear game but the bottom line is that the full frame, name, and style is unmistakably awesome!

What is a aviator sunglasses?

"What is a aviator sunglasses?" That's a good question. The aviator style has been a staple of the world's fashion aesthetic since its introduction in the 1930s, but it's still all the rage today. Originally invented to protect the eyes of military pilots from the glare of high altitudes, it is now a classic sunglass shape with undeniable cult status, symbolizing independence and freedom.

Are aviator glasses in style 2022?

Oversized glasses, aviator glasses, and fashion designs have been around since the 1930s. It has continued until now. Unisex aviator sunglasses add tons of personality and style to frame styles. Well worth trying.

What face shape can wear aviators?

As a rule of thumb, aviator sunglasses are for everyone. But it is especially suitable for heart-shaped, square and oval face shapes. It depends on what you wear. Of course, our website page has a 3D test function, all in order to ensure that the lens and size can fit your face shape.

Can any face shape wear aviators?

Due to the high degree of fit of the aviator sunglasses, the aviator can be matched with almost any face shape. In general, glasses work best when they contrast sharply with the wearer's face. In other words, if the shape of your glasses is opposite to your face shape, it will be suitable. (An example of the opposite distance, a round face cannot wear round sunglasses)