Collection: Anti Glare Glasses

Anti-glare glass, referred to as AG glass, is a kind of glass with special treatment on the glass surface.

The principle is to process high-quality glass on one or both sides to make it have a lower reflectance than ordinary glass, thereby reducing the interference of ambient light, improving the clarity of the picture, reducing screen reflection, and making the image clearer, realistic, allowing viewers to enjoy better visual effects.

Anti Glare Glasses

Do anti-glare glasses really work?

yes. The anti-glare coating allows nearly 100% (99.5) of the available light to reach your eyes, virtually eliminating glare. Anti-glare can be filtered according to sunlight, car lights, and various strong lights, enhancing light and blocking light pollution that is harmful to the eyes, to achieve different degrees of anti-glare, and solve the anti-glare problem of "filtering but not blocking light”.

Do my glasses need anti-glare?

There's no need to put an anti-reflective coating on your eyeglass lenses, but it does offer a huge set of benefits. It is a new generation of special mirrors for drivers, with comfortable and clear eyesight. It can effectively eliminate the stimulation of various harmful lights such as strong light, stray light, and ultraviolet rays to the vision, eliminate the "snow blindness" on the road, prevent dizziness, and reduce eye fatigue; it can be used at night. When meeting a car, the dazzling high beam of the other party is reduced to a soft and comfortable level, which effectively ensures the safety of driving under strong light.

What are the benefits of anti-glare glasses?

After eliminating light reflections and glare, vision is clearer. Since squinting or eye strain is no longer required, the effects of eye strain are significantly reduced.

Is anti-glare the same as anti blue light?

No, they are different. Anti-blue light glasses can isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation, filter blue light, and are mainly suitable for watching computers or TVs, and playing mobile phones. Anti-glare glasses are mainly used to remove light reflections on the lenses to make vision clearer. These are mainly used by people who drive at night to prevent accidents. Intense bright light can blur vision due to strong reflections and can lead to serious accidents.