Collection: Acetate Sunglasses

Brimming with practical flair, acetate sunglasses dominate today’s eyewear scene. Acetate’s featherlight build effortlessly fuses durability and sheen, making long-wearing gloss a given. Yet beyond low-key resilience lies acetate’s true edge—unaffected versatility. Within our expansive acetate lineup, shapes shift from curvaceous retro cues to sharp angularity in a flash. But through each contemporary revival and classic callback, acetate consistently flatters. Its slim silhouettes outline faces without overpowering features. Vintage moods blend seamlessly into modern lens technologies for UV clarity when you want.

Simply put, acetate sunglasses do it all. Their slim construction packs both substance and versatility. Lightweight and shatterproof, they supply UV protection without burden. Let acetate add striking gloss to your rotation of eyewear stables. Whether your next look channels editorial edge or retro vibes, acetate offers easy elegance for every bright summer day.

Acetate Sunglasses

What are acetate frames?

Acetate fiberglass frames dominate today’s optical market, beloved for lightweight durability and lustrous polish. With resilience meeting refined aesthetics, they have become essential materials for stylish, high-performance eyewear. Subtly transparent acetates allow statement lens colors to dazzle without distraction. Their slim silhouettes outline facial features with precision comfort. By merging feather-light comfort, striking tones, and shatter-resistance, acetate fiberglass empowers self-expression while withstanding daily life’s stresses. Let acetate fiberglass grant your glance added precision and polish.

Why are acetate frames so unique?

Acetate sunglasses forge frames through layered color infusions rather than paints. This internal saturation creates hypnotic patterns and semi-transparencies within each piece. Such intrinsic artistry makes acetates more intriguing than average plastics dependent on exterior coatings for personality. Let internal motifs tell visual tales through acetate’s depths. With kaleidoscopic options embedded into their construction, acetates need no surface gilding to dazzle. Their mesmerizing patterns intrigue without overwhelming statement lenses. Whether alternately opaque or playing peekaboo, acetates effortlessly fuse optical performance with mystical allure. Let acetate’s mercurial magic add depth to your shades collection.

Acetate vs plastic frames

Acetate sunglasses frames are lighter in weight and generally considered better quality than plastic sunglasses frames. Acetate fiber material can effectively prevent skin allergies, so it has become a popular choice for people with sensitive skin. Unlike some plastic or metal frames, they can cause allergic reactions.

You can find very high-quality plastic frames too. However, they are generally not preferred over acetate frames for the following reasons:

1. The manufacturing process makes the plastic sunglasses  frame more brittle than the acetate sunglasses frame;

2. Plastic sunglasses glasses are difficult to adjust if there is no metal bracket on the temple;

3. Fewer choices of colors and patterns