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The Difference Between Full-frame, Half-frame and Rimless glasses

by SharonSwift 15 Jul 2022 0 Comments
The Difference Between Full-frame, Half-frame and Rimless glasses

When shopping for glasses, many people will wonder "what is the difference between full frame, half frame, and rimless frame?" Knowing about the different types of frames will help you better choose the style of glasses you like and will wear every day. Plus, you'll be able to choose a frame that perfectly complements your face shape. We believe that buying glasses should be a fun and enjoyable experience. So, in this article, we'll help you simplify your "shopping online." In this article, you'll know the answers to some frequently asked questions about each style.

Each type of glass has its unique characteristics.

Full frame glasses

Full-frame glasses are those that have the frame all around the lens. As the name suggests, the entire lens is supported by a metal or plastic frame.

Are full-rim glasses better?

Men's and women's full-rim glasses feature lenses that are completely outlined by metal or plastic frames. Nothing beats this type of frame. Of all the types of frames, full-rim glasses are the strongest because they can withstand frequent wear and tear.

Pros and cons of full-rim glasses

The advantage is that the lens is fixed and firm and not easy to fall off. The lens is fixed by screws in the frame, so it is easy to unscrew the screws to clean or replace the lens, which saves trouble for the maintenance of the glasses. But the disadvantage is that there is more than half of the frame, and the weight of the glasses increases. Fashion glasses, decorative glasses, and sunglasses generally use full-frame glasses. Full frame glasses give people a more calm feeling. The frame can block the thickness of the lens well, so it is suitable for lenses with some heights.a beautiful woman with glasses

Half rim glasses

Half-rim glasses give you the best choice of two frame types. At the top, you'll see all the drama of angular glasses, and at the bottom, the minimalism of rimless glasses. Half-rim reading glasses are perfect for those who need to wear glasses all day but read a lot. Since there is no bottom edge, you may find it easier to look down and read - no thick plastic edges blocking your view!

Who should wear half-rim glasses?

Half-rim glasses for women are a popular choice because they focus well on the top of the face and eyes. Many women find this gives their face a lifted look while adding class and elegance. Half-rim glasses are lighter than full-rim glasses, so they may be a good option for those prone to headaches, migraines, and facial sensitivities.a man with glasses

Rimless glasses

Rimless glasses for women and men help make the glasses less noticeable on the face. This is a great style choice for those with a minimalist style or those who want to show off their refined facial features.

Who should wear rimless frames?

Rimless glasses for men and women are perfect for those who are wearing glasses for the first time. Many people worry about how glasses will look and feel on their faces. Because these frames are so low profile, many people feel and look like they're wearing nothing! Rimless glasses are the lightest option, so this style is probably best for anyone prone to headaches, migraines, and general allergies.a woman with glasses

Looking for your perfect style?

With so many different options for glasses, it can be difficult to choose the perfect style. If, you want to choose a style that you will be comfortable wearing every day. There's no denying that buying glasses online used to be risky, but today's technology allows you to enjoy an in-person shopping experience from the comfort of your home. At ANRRI, you can try on any of our glasses using our virtual try-on tool before purchasing. After this, you can decide whether full rims, rimless , or half rims will look best on your face! We believe that no one should sacrifice quality or functionality for style. We also firmly believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, affordable eyewear.

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