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Is buying prescription eyeglasses online the same as visiting a store? Of course not - it's better! Being able to check out hundreds of options from the comfort of your own home ends up being vastly easier.

You have instant access to a vast collection of eyeglasses, each choice a single click away. You only need your most recent optometrist lens prescription. Locate the optimal eyeglasses for you by filtering our list by sex, style, and color. choose a frame, upload a photo of your prescription,  done. It doesn't get any easier than this - we know, for we've tried.

Prescription Eyeglasses Online
  • Matias Rectangle Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Matias $45
  • Trey Square Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Trey $55
  • Angela Round Tortoise Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Angela $45
  • Jan Black TR90 Eyeglasses from ANRRI
    Jan $45
  • Cecily Red Metal Eyeglasses from ANRRI
    Cecily $45
  • Bert Gray Alloy Eyeglasses from ANRRI
    Bert $55
  • Thomas Geometric Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Thomas $45
  • Ibrahim Browline Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Ibrahim $45
  • Legacy Cateye Clear Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Legacy $45
  • Lorelai Round Black Eyeglasses from ANRRI, front view
    Lorelai $45

Why Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online?

Easy Click-To-Get

Purchasing eyewear online is unbelievably easy, effortless, and can even become addictive! A few clicks, and a selection from our varied eyewear collection will begin its journey toward you. It won't take long afterward for your new prescription eyeglasses to reach you.

The Best Quality

Are you seeking affordable prescription eyeglasses? Would you like them to also be an optimal fit for you and of the highest possible quality? Look no further, for Anrri offers a wide selection of high-quality eyewear.

Entering your prescription numbers guarantees you'll get lenses tailored for your eyes. With eyewear, though, that's only part of the story. We offer all types of frames, made from materials ranging from acetate to stainless steel. That's why it's a given you'll find among them the best choice for your face, your style, you.

An Extensive and Diverse Selection

We'd love to brag about our vast eyewear collection. Still, there wouldn't be a point since it expands perpetually every day. We carry options of every possible style, all sizes, and most humanly-perceptible colors.

You could easily get lost among them if it weren't for our site's filtering capabilities. Use them to locate the best option for you (or you could always search for what you're seeking.)

"Translating" Your Eyeglasses Prescription

What Do Eyeglass Prescription Numbers Mean?

When ordering vision-correcting eyeglasses, choosing their style and color is only the beginning. You also have to input the numbers on your prescription. Those state how your new eyewear's lenses will correct your eyesight. But what do they mean?

The terms OS and OD are short for the Oculus Sinister and Oculus Dextrus. Those are Latin for your left and right eye, respectively.

S or SPH stands for "spherical". It refers to the correction needed for farsightedness or nearsightedness. The number next to it is the "amount" of correction required.

Zero is for perfect vision.Positive numbers are for farsightedness correction.Negative numbers state the correction levels for nearsightedness.

For astigmatism, you'll also see a positive or negative number next to "C", for "cylinder". Astigmatism is caused when the eye's outer layer, the Cornea, is more oval than spherical.

However, astigmatism calls for another number, next to "A" or "Axis". It's the curvature difference, the degrees of rotation of the Cornea's oval shape. It should be a number between 0 and 180.

What Is a "Pupillary Distance Number"?

As humans, we all share some characteristics. Still, we're also not clones of each other, and our anatomy has micro-variances. One of those is the distance between the pupils of our eyes.

That's why, when ordering prescription eyewear, you also have to input that number. This ensures your new eyeglasses will match your eyes' position for the lenses to correctly "fix" your vision.

How Do Prescriptions for Multifocal Eyeglasses Differ?

You'll see some additional numbers on prescriptions for reading and multifocal lenses. They'll be marked as "ADD", with minuses and pluses. ADD numbers define the corrective strength variances across the lenses surface. They state how much the lenses should "tweak" your vision depending on where you are looking. For example, they might boost magnification when looking down to assist in reading.

Look, Fit, and Comfort

The primary function of prescription eyewear is correcting your vision. Nowadays, it's a given that eyeglasses can perform that function exceptionally. Thus, the most important question when choosing prescription glasses is: "do you like them"?

Our extensive collection guarantees you will find the best for you among our many options. Still, each of us is unique, so you might need to customize your eyewear further.

Unfortunately, advanced customization of every single aspect of every selection is unfeasible. Still, there's an easy solution: you could visit a local optical professional. They'll be able to customize your new eyeglasses further. They can adjust minor elements like your eyewear's bridge. The result will be a perfect match for your anatomy, offering optimal comfort.

How to Choose the Best Fit for You

The ideal way to find a new frame that will be a perfect fit is to use an existing frame as a reference. Are you upgrading from your current eyeglasses? Do you consider those a great fit? You can use them as a basis for your new ones.

You'll probably be used to how your eyeglasses act as a "window" through which you perceive the world. A "window" with a particular shape and color. That's why it's usually better for your new eyeglasses to have the same or a similar form.

Moving from half-rim to rectangle frames can feel like adding an extra barrier between you and the surrounding world. The same is true for the "style" of the frame. Moving from a thin metallic to a thicker black frame can give the impression it's blocking your view.

Still, sticking with the same lens shape doesn't guarantee comfort or a good fit. For that, check the numbers on your existing glasses. Then, upgrade to similarly-sized ones. Usually, the sizes of a frame refer to eye size, bridge width, and temple length. So, 52-18-140 means 52 eye size, 18 bridge width, and 140 temple length, respectively. Note that the two first numbers are the most important for comfort. The temple length is rarely the cause of discomfort in eyewear.

Finding Frame Sizes

You don't know your frame's sizes and can't find them anywhere on it? Make sure to double-check. They're usually in fine print on the inside of the frame.

If you still can't find them, you could measure the frame with a millimeter ruler to find each number.

Eye size: Measure the width of one lens at its widest point.Bridge size: Measure the horizontal distance between the lenses. The bridge is the part of the frame that "sits" on your nose.Temple size: Measure the whole arm's length. Start from the hinge connecting to the front of your glasses, up to the very end of the bend that "sits" on your ear.

There's an extra step when ordering reading, bifocal, and multifocal lenses. For those, you should also measure the height of a lens at its tallest point.

Still, you don't have to use existing prescription eyeglasses as a reference for your new ones. Your sunglasses will do just fine.

If that isn't an option either, you could visit a local eyewear store. Try some glasses on, and note the numbers of the ones you find more comfortable.

Eyeglasses for You

The term "function over form" was intended for buildings, interior design, and decoration. Not for eyewear. It's been centuries since corrective eyeglasses stopped "only" correcting our vision. Today they're also accessories, fashion statements, extensions of ourselves.

You'd be doing a disservice to yourself by ignoring how a piece of eyewear can become part of you, a unique and definitive element of your personal style.

Your eyeglasses can even change how others perceive you. They achieve this by reinforcing or attenuating your facial characteristics. For example, rectangular glasses contrast on an oval face, while round ones augment it.

A Vast Collection

We carry one of the most expansive online eyewear collections, with varied options for all preferences. With over a thousand glasses frames (and counting), you'll easily find the best ones for you.

That is, if you don't get lost among the options - or can't make up your mind on "which are the best" and end up ordering more than one.