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Buy Browline prescription glasses at ANRRI EYEWEAR. Place your order now! Thousands of styles starting at $13. A new day, give a new style. Browline Glasses, as the name suggests, the upper part of the frame is made to follow the wearer's natural eyebrow line. They are designed to mimic the way the eyebrows and groom the face, so they are called brow glasses. The upper part of the thick frame that resembles the eyebrow line is usually made of plastic or aluminum alloy, and the other parts are made of metal. This frame provides a unique style while also improving comfort.

Browline Prescription Glasses

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What are Browline Glasses?

Browline glasses, also known as clubmaster. Designed with brows, the top of the frame is thicker than the bottom for a well-defined look.

What face shape goes with browline glasses?

Regardless of popularity, browline frames can act as a stylish and flattering choice for almost every face shape. Diamond, oval, oblong, and triangle face shapes work best to pull off this retro frame, while heart-shaped or round faces may want to opt for a different frame.

Are browline glasses in style?

Browline glasses and sunglasses are one of the most iconic retro designs of all time. This enduring style spans decades and is now more popular than ever.

Why are browline glasses so popular?

Browline glasses feature interchangeable nose bridges, lines and "brows". This has contributed to their everlasting popularity. Plus, people love the opportunity to express their individuality through custom frames, which is exactly what brow-shaped glasses do.

Are browline glasses suitable for prescription?

Certainly. The unique eyebrow-shaped frame can effectively reduce the pressure of the frame on the face, so it is light and comfortable to wear for a long time, which is very suitable for people who often wear glasses but want to be stylish.