Collection: Metal sunglass frames for women and men

Don't underestimate our metal sunglass frames. Small metal, however, has certain hardness, good softness and light weight, which can bring infinite energy and great fashion. Choose the metal frame series of ANRRI EYEWEAR, and you will find the one that suits you.
Metal sunglass frames for women and men
  • Jacky $19
  • Patrick $19
  • Bentley $16
  • Hiram $19
  • Ice $23
  • William $23
  • Airni $19
  • Diga $16
  • Jia $23
  • Allison $19
  • Eloise $19
  • Cecilia $16
  • Karter $16
  • lily $13
  • Jaxon $19
  • Aubrey $16
  • Luke $19
  • Sadie $16
  • Max $19
  • Lorenzo $19
  • Gavin $19
  • Hunter $13
  • Hadley $19
  • Antonio $23
  • Richard $23
  • Reese $19
  • Joel $23
  • Luis $23
  • Bruce $19
  • Madison $19
  • Sam $23
  • Vera $29
  • Gianni $23
  • Ace $23
  • Zosia $29

Are metal frame sunglasses better?

Metal frames tend to be the more lightweight and durable option of the two, which means if your glasses are rough, this may be your best option. There are a variety of metal frame materials available on the market today. The highest quality among them is titanium.

Is the metal frame uncomfortable?

Usually not uncomfortable. Metal frames don't have to be heavy, there are also lightweight styles. In addition, metal frames are generally equipped with adjustable nose pads for comfortable customization.

Are metal sun frames easy to break?

They are often flexible and ideal for taxing activities such as sports. They don't break easily when hitting the metal frame with considerable force. Instead, they can be adjusted or straightened out when needed.

What is the best metal for sunglasses?

Needless to say, titanium can be said to dominate the list. Titanium is an extremely strong, yet lightweight metal, perfect for eyeglass frames or sunglasses. Moreover, titanium does not corrode, and titanium can also be made into a memory metal, which means that it can be bent at will and return to its original shape.

Is titanium sunglasses better than metal sunglasses?

Certain metals can cause skin reactions in eyeglass wearers, while titanium is hypoallergenic. Very few people have adverse skin reactions to titanium frames. Moreover, titanium is also corrosion-resistant and not easily deformed.

Are metal sunglasses frames in style?

Of course. Compared with spectacle frames made of traditional materials, metal frames have many advantages, such as certain hardness, good softness, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, and luster. Metallic sunglasses are also one of the hottest eyewear trends for 2022, with many top brands embracing the look and giving it back in a variety of styles.